Kicking Goals, Making Goals, Planning Goals, What Good Are They Anyway!!!

) To realize your vision in life you will have to set goals. Without goals, you will roam endlessly through life trying to achieve what you want.

Goals are like stepping stones to move you closer to where you want to be. It’s like climbing a mountain; it always begins with the first step. When you want to realize a vision, you must first start with a small goal that is easily achievable. Then you eventually can achieve your big goals and then continue until you reach your destination.

Goals must be written down. Writing down your goals intensifies your intent, which magnifies your commitment.

It is almost guaranteed that from time to time life will create circumstances that will throw you off track from reaching your goals. You will have to come back to them regularly until your goal is reached.

You will feel a sense of achievement every time you reach a goal. It will increase your self esteem because, as humans, we are all goal-oriented beings, whether you believe it or not. And accomplishing goals will make you feel good inside, which is another ingredient for happiness.

The more ingredients for happiness you can put into your life, the more you will get out of living.

If you have not set any goals in your life, make time to set some. Do what I have suggested and see how you feel when a goal is completed. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of purpose and a sense of fulfillment. Once you start setting goals you will never turn back and neither will your life.

For example, you might wish to consider one of your goals to be putting more attention towards the human quality of empathy.

Not many people know the main difference between empathy and sympathy is that with sympathy you understand what the other person is feeling and with the empathy, you feel what the other person is feeling.

For many years I was the “empathy” type of person and it always made me feel down. Together, we would be sad and of no help to anyone.

These days, I have shifted to sympathy, which allows me to understand what is happening but to stay detached emotionally so I can assist the other person in overcoming their sadness. I feel that in that way I am being a part of their recovery and solution rather than being a part of the problem.

Some people consider this to be a hard way to handle the situation and say that I have no heart, I am too cold, or that I just don’t care. I disagree, because I am in the mind of helping people overcome their unhappiness. If I join in on their emotional distress I cannot help anyone in that state.

How would you like a surgeon to perform a procedure on your body if he is emotionally upset about your condition?

Sometimes people comment on how surgeons are just going through the motions and don’t show any concern regarding their patients’ well-being. I do not agree with this as surgeons know they must be in total control emotionally, and be relaxed and focused to perform a successful operation.

When you see a person expressing empathy, it is a completely different environment than when you see someone expressing sympathy. I have seen both and I prefer the sympathetic path because a sympathetic person is trying to create a good atmosphere in a sad situation. I am all for trying to create good in this wonderful world of ours.

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