Negative or Positive Thinker, Which One Are You?

I never have met a person who admitted to being a negative person and yet, they are all around us. Tell me, have you ever met a person that agreed they were negative?…Interesting, isn’t it?

Deep down, do you really believe you are a positive person and possess the art of positive thinking?

You never will convince yourself of anything unless you change your chit-chat from negative to positive. And, it is of no benefit to you if you do not do this on a daily basis. That’s because, as human beings, we have thousands of thoughts every single day and most of them are negative and usually of the same type.

You may ask, “Where do these negative thoughts come from? Why do we even have them? Why can’t we just stop them in their tracks and think positively?” To answer all and more of these types of questions we need to look at our own history.

I am sure it is similar in all countries, but in Australia where I live, you only have to go back to the original settlers in our penal colony years. Then you will see it all began with our convict ancestry.

You see, I found out some interesting information when I attended a seminar a few years ago. When the convicts came to Australia, the prison guards were told to severely punish anyone caught using the convicts’ birth names, in public or otherwise.

The reason was the officers wanted to suppress, degrade and demoralize all the convicts to minimize the chances of an escape. This was one way to lower the convicts’ self-esteem. It worked for a long time. This is how the term “mate” came about, which has lasted all these years and is still very much used today in Australia.

So as these convicts grew up and populated Australia, it is my opinion they passed on this negative behavior to their siblings, which manifested with every generation to follow. I believe most countries have a similar type of history.

It has been turning around only in the last 15 years or so. Now people are becoming more aware of the need to be positive.

But still you experience this type of attitude and it rubs off on you, from your parents, your school, your friends, and anyone else with whom you spend a great deal of time. That’s why they say you usually can find out what type of person you are by the company you keep. So, be very careful with whom you choose to be around.

It also is worth mentioning that in my experience, most people believe they are positive-minded people.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see people with their lives in ruins complaining they do not understand because they are such positive thinkers.

I remember when I was living in Tasmania. A friend of mine had a girlfriend and nearly everyone she knew thought she was such a negative person–everyone except herself.

I remember thinking the first time we met, “Why would anyone choose to be around this person?” She could bring anyone or any atmosphere down by just the way she said, “Hello.”

The interesting thing was she said on a number of occasions that she was the most positive person she knew. I remember thinking to myself, “If only she believed what everyone else believed–that she was not.” Then and only then she would have an opportunity to change her reality and her life to one of abundance and not of scarcity.

If you really wish to discover if you are a positive person, search and truly find out. Ask people their opinions and you might be unpleasantly surprised!!

Become a positive thinker and then you will truly reap the rewards.

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