If You want to Save Time and Money Keeping Fit, then Exercise all Day. This will show you how.

To gym or not to gym, that is the question. Read on and I will provide you with an answer. The best health strategy you can pursue is exercise, but, of course, you knew that. Our bodies were made for movement.

When the word “exercise” is mentioned, people immediately relate that to a gym. Yes, a gym is the best place to exercise, but you do not need to be in a gym to get the exercise you need.

Of course, it has the up-to-date equipment and computerized bikes to regulate all of your workouts. That’s fine, if that is what you want to do. But for me, as long as I get my exercise, it does not matter whether I am in a gym or just going about my daily business.

Over the years, I have exercised in a gym environment as well as my own environment and, I must say, I prefer my own environment any time. I just can’t see the point of waiting for my turn to use the equipment and then, when that times arrives, having to train in somebody else’s perspiration. The thought of breathing in someone else’s odor that might have an adverse effect on my sense of smell is sickly.

The way I like to keep fit is to put my required movements into my daily routine.

For instance (to the disapproval of my fiancé), when I go shopping in those large shopping complexes and department stores, I don’t walk casually up and down the stairs and stop at every store to look through the window.

I know beforehand what I want and where I want to get it. So instead of walking around casually, I briskly walk directly to the shop and either search for my item and purchase it or, alternatively, head over to a similar store.

From there, I compare the quality with the previous store’s price and, if not satisfied, continue until I am. I can circumference the entire complex in 15 minutes.

I might have to purchase four or five items in one outing, but when I am finished, I feel as though I have not only succeeded in getting what I need in my personal items, but also in physical exercise as well.

The same goes when I am at the beach in the summer months. I walk as much as I can on the sand and if I feel the need to take a swim, I do that as well.

Another example is when I am showering and cleaning my body each day. I don’t just stand there, soap up and feel the water going down my body. I use this time more efficiently by including my stretching movements as well. It’s unconventional I know, but what a way to feel alive.

Most people try to park as close as they can to the place where they need to be. However, as long as the weather permits, I choose to park anywhere there is a vacant car park and if it is far away, then so be it.

If I am with my family or friends, they complain about the distance and ask to park closer to the particular shop or shops.

The interesting thing about this is these are the same people who go to the gym and exercise, but when it comes to their daily activities, they chose to not take the stairs and use the lift instead because they are too tired.

They want to park closer to the shops because they do not want to walk too far. What about this one: “Can you please drive me to so and so,” when it is only a 10-15 minute walk.

These people separate daily activities and daily exercise. What if we combined them and did both simultaneously? Hey, there’s a thought!

Whenever I do something that has some form of movement, I act as though I am exercising my body.

In my work activities it is of no concern to me if I have get out of my chair excessively for any particular reason, for I am equating that with exercise. Bending down, picking up, walking upstairs or down; it’s all my way of keeping my body fit and healthy. This way works extremely well for me, and I will continue to do it this way until it no longer serves me.

It is my view that if you have it in your mind that every movement you do is a form of exercise, you will have in your body all the necessary exercise you will need.

Give it a try and let me know how you do. I know people who have even begun a new lease on life with this strategy.

Until next time, live healthy, wealthy and wise.

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