5 Foods That Truly Deserve The Superfood Title

It seems like more people are finally stepping away from the current pill-pushing medical system and going back to Mother Nature for answers and healing. And nature does provide an extremely wide array of help from not only helping heal but also prevent many illnesses. We do understand that the options are unlimited but if you only had to pick a few things to add to your lifestyle protocol, these 5 superfoods truly deserve a spot.

1. Moringa

This is a plant that can be grown in the tropics and has its origin in the sub-Himalayan areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and India. Moringa sometimes is called “the tree of life” as everything from its leaves, fruit, flowers, seeds, root, and even bark are used in alternative medicine. This miracle plant can be used to treat a wide range of diseases like arthritis, digestive problems including ulcers, diabetes, epilepsy, helps reduce swelling, and also very beneficial for people with anemia or “tired blood”.

Moringa is also a natural aphrodisiac and helps increase a couple’s sex drive. It can also boost a person’s immune system as well as increase the production of breast milk. Due to moringa being inexpensive to grown, not to mention being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, it is a must-have pantry source in many parts of the world where it is grown. It is also used to help fight malnutrition in feeding programs in the African countries and India. Moringa is an all-natural antioxidant which serves to protect from cellular damage.

You can get moringa capsules, moringa tea or moringa powder. Many brands are available online but we included our favorite brand on the bottom of the article.

2. Manuka Honey 

Manuka honey comes from the Manuka bush that is a native to New Zealand and is pollinated by the bees there. This type of honey is used for wound infections as well as a host of other conditions. Despite being a natural medicine for centuries, it was just in the last couple of centuries that it was discovered to have natural antibacterial qualities which is why it is predominantly used for wounds. Aside from the antibacterial qualities, honey is known to produce special cells which repair any tissues that is potentially damaged by an infection and also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory which works to quickly reduce pain.

The antibacterial effect of manuka honey comes from a compound known as MG that can be found in most types of honey but is in higher concentrations within this type of honey which gives it a much stronger antibacterial effect.

Other conditions that manuka honey can treat are:

  • Ears, eyes, and sinus infections
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal problems.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been getting more popular, and that shouldn’t be a surprise as this amazingly delicious superfood offers a numerous amount of health benefits.

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Coconut oil offers a variety of health benefits, including fat burning, nourishing skin, scalp and hair, and even feeding the brain for better focus and memory. It might be less obvious how to choose the best coconut oil for the most nutritive value. Check out this article to learn the most commonly used terms on packaging, and what they mean.

4. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods. It is a great source of Vitamin A, E, and C, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, and iron.  While scientific evidence is still being gathered in the effectiveness of wheatgrass in treating many conditions, it is still being used for such practices and works by increasing hemoglobin production and improving blood sugar disorders. It is also used to heal wounds and prevent tooth decay.

Another important function of wheatgrass is removing drug deposits from the body such as toxins and other cancer-causing agents that are found in the blood and in the liver.  There are a few people who claim to use wheatgrass to help with high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and even to remove gray hair. Other known uses have to do with disorders of the urinary tract and the respiratory system such as sore throat, bronchitis, common cold, bladder infections, and kidney stones. It is more of a popular drink now and widely available in health food stores.

5. Marine Phytoplankton

Last, but not least, marine phytoplankton is a single-celled microalgae organism that is found in the ocean that contains hundreds of different amino acids, minerals, nutrients, and carotenoids. It is also known as Mother Nature’s medicinal powerhouse that works to protect the body’s tissues, remove toxins, and enhance circulation and oxygenation to reverse the abnormal cell divisions found in many cancers patients. This is known to be the medicine of the future if Big Quick Pharmacy in the United States ever goes under.

Marine phytoplankton treats many of the above conditions and even mental health ones such as depression and dementia. Other conditions this treats are chronic fatigue, infertility, and osteoporosis. You do not want to self-medicate on this though. It is best to contact a professional naturopathic doctor or someone that works with integrative medicine.

Which ones of these do you take?







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