The Super Powers of Ozone for Skin and Oral Care


First of all, what is Ozone? It may seem like a foreign word to many. We all know Oxygen as an essential element in the air we breathe and required for the cellular respiration of most life on Earth. Ozone is a far less known and is a far less well-known and far less abundant element in the Earth’s atmosphere that is related to oxygen and also helps us survive on Earth. Ozone is created when oxygen combines with ultraviolet light and electrical discharges. It exists throughout the atmosphere, protecting the Earth by attaching to pollutants and purifying the air. The Ozone Layer, the most concentrated area of ozone in the atmosphere, prevents harmful ultraviolet light from reaching the Earth’s surface.

Ozone (O3) contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms that oxygen (O2) contains. The additional atom of oxygen becomes a powerful, highly active element. You can feel the power of ozone after a thunderstorm, near the ocean or when you’re in the mountains at high altitudes. The distinctive scents and feelings you experience in these places show you just how powerful ozone, or activated oxygen, is.

Treatment with Ozone

Ozone has a wide variety of benefits in the proper forms and circumstances. It is not safe to breathe directly, but when infused into other elements, its power can be harnessed in a way that can be immensely beneficial. Ozone produces a multi-faceted and complex  effect on the human body. Ozone is Nature’s most powerful anti-microbial, destroying all pathogens–such as bacteria, viruses and fungi–upon contact.

When one uses ozone, only pure oxygen is left behind as the byproduct. Industrially, ozone is used to disinfect water, pools and medical environments. Ozone is used throughout the world for the medical treatment of serious infection, cancer and immune disorders via intravenous therapy. It also can be injected into the body to regenerate and heal joints and injured areas. Ozone is also a mighty detoxifier (think of the Ozone Layer purifying our air and making life on Earth safe). Ozone has the capacity to carry plentiful amounts of oxygen into the cells of the body, cleaning out toxic accumulations. I personally have used ozone extensively for my own medical treatment via major and minor autohaemotherapy (when ozone is combined with the patient’s own blood and then is returned to the body via IV or injection), as well as insufflation. I have found it to be incredibly helpful in countless ways.

Ozone is highly unstable on its own and when produced will last for only about 20 minutes in the air. But, when combined with blood for medical treatment or when infused over a long period of time into certain oils, it can be stabilized and used safely and beneficially. We can use certain types of oils to stabilize this highly unstable element in a safe and beneficial way.

Ozonated Oils for Skin

To create Elaa’s ozonated oils, raw cold-pressed extra virgin organic olive oil goes through an extended process where ozone is bubbled through it. The process of fully infusing the oil with ozone takes many weeks. Once fully ozonated, the oil becomes a very thick and solid gel. Rare and uniquely healing therapeutic essential oils are combined with the fully ozonated oil to dramatically enhance the healing properties of the ozonated oil. These essential oils also contribute additional healing and rejuvenating properties that make Elaa’s ozonated products for skin and oral care incredibly powerful and contribute to optimum health.

With its amazing ability to destroy pathogens and toxins, ozone is phenomenal for treating skin conditions. When applied to the skin, After the Rain – Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm carries ozone’s powerful properties throughout the cells. It heals damaged tissues, cleanses and disinfects and stimulates rapid healing. After the Rain stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells and improves micro-circulation. Dry skin will be moisturized and swelling and inflammations will be calmed. After the Rain – Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm is superb for acne, rosacea and eczema. It also has a powerful ability to rejuvenate aging skin. After the Rain’s anti-aging benefits include stimulation of cell growth and proliferation, free radical scavenger on harmful toxins and moisturizing facial conditioner. It repairs skin cells, boosts skin immunity and improves skin structure.

After the Rain – Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm

Other healing benefits and uses for After the Rain – Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm include:

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Sunburns and other burns
  • Wounds, cuts, ulcers
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Reducing swelling and redness
  • Calming the nerves and reducing the amount of pain in skin conditions
  • May increase cellular function and cellular memory
  • Reduces scarring
  • Good for animal wounds–it can be licked
  • Can be used as a natural underarm deodorant
  • Hemorrhoid reduction and healing
  • Sore muscles (helps to remove lactic acid from pores)
  • Ringworm
  • Bed sores
  • Skin yeast
  • Carbuncles
  • Dermatitis
  • Diaper Rash

“Ozone is widely recognized as one of the best antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents. Therefore, it is used in ozonated olive oil. The ozonated oil now is used topically for the treatment of war wounds, anaerobic infections, herpetic infections (HHV I and II), trophic ulcers and burns, cellulitis, abscesses, anal fissures, decubitus ulcers (bed sores), fistulae, fungal diseases, furunculosis, gingivitis and vulvovaginitis. Matsumoto et al. tested the efficacy of the ozonated oil in the treatment of fistulae and chronic surgical wounds and, in a series of 28 patients, the ozonated oil was fully effective in 27 cases without side effects. Even radiodermatitis lesions in patients with cancer have been found to be beneficially influenced by exposure to ozonated oil.” [1]

Fresh Breeze – Ozonated Oral Care Gel

Ozonated Oral Care

Ozone also is widely used by dentists to sanitize and clean the mouth and prevent infection before and after surgery or dental procedures. It also is restorative for teeth and gums, just as it is for skin. Fresh Breeze – Ozonated Oral Care Gel deeply stimulates every cell and gland in the mouth. It creates an accelerated process of cleansing and healing. It soothes pain and inflammation quickly. Fresh Breeze – Ozonated Oral Care Gel also helps to clear toxins from the mouth and body, thus promoting systemic body health. 



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