Pyrophyllite Clay – The Best Detoxification Treatment?

By Boro Petric

Before I tell you about what the best detoxification plan for you is, I need to make you aware of something and…

…I am definitely hoping you’re sitting down.

See, there are well over seventy thousand different chemicals used in industrial production and to make your food. That’s just in the United States. I don’t even want to think about what’s going on in other countries.

It’s also important for you to realize that sixty five thousand of those chemicals are, as many health professionals and scientists claim, extremely dangerous for your health. As if that’s not enough, there are a little over six thousand brand new chemicals tested every week.

All this to make your life better…


Now, I am sure you already know, I am not one for gloom and doom, and that’s why I’ve researched a very effective solution for you.

That solution is…

…you guessed it: Pyrophyllite Clay.

There are numerous great things about it, but one of my favorites is its negative electromagnetic charge.

You know what that does, right?

It gets rid of all of the positively charged toxic or poisonous junk in your body. It will even draw seriously devastating heavy metals out (such as mercury, arsenic, etc.) It’ll literally pull them out and absorb them.

If you want the best detoxification out there, then pyrophyllite clay is definitely what you’re looking for.

Why should you detoxify your body?

The moment you start detoxifying yourself, you’re going to notice your cuts and bruises are going to heal faster, you’re going to get rid of muscle pain very quickly, you’re not going to have any joint pains, rashes, your acne will decrease dramatically, you’re going to have better memory, etc.

You’re going to feel energetic and full of life.

Believe me, I could actually sit there and name all the great things pyrophyllite clay does for you and…

…there are absolutely zero side effects of using it.

Whether you take it internally or apply it on your skin, it will carefully nourish your whole body and the entire organism is going to get healthy very quickly. Your immune system will be strengthened and you’ll be much more productive.


…here’s an interesting story from you.

You’ve heard of the Chernobyl Accident down there in Russia a few years back, right?

Did you know that they’ve administered clay to its victims to help neutralize the effects of radiation? It helped to completely get rid of radiation poisoning in the majority of people that took it.

That was some serious radiation over there, and it was contained and controlled using the same type of clay I am telling you about.

Cool, ey?

You’re being exposed to radiation and toxins every single day of your life. The radio towers in your town emit electromagnetic waves, your phone is slowly cooking up your brain, your pizza has a few hundred different types of toxins on it…

…and there’s more.

Believe me, it’s pretty bad, but taking Pyrophyllite Clay will help not only because it’s the absolute best detoxification cure out there. It’ll also minimize the effect of all that radiation has on you.

Just give it a shot. You will not regret it.

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