Anti-Aging: Secret To Cellular Regeneration

We all know – as we age our body simply doesn’t heal as fast. Our immune system doesn’t resist infection as well. And our digestive system doesn’t work as well anymore. We get tired more easily, get sick more often and gain weight faster in places we didn’t think possible!

As well, our skin doesn’t maintain the moisture, elasticity and color it used to.

However – have you ever wondered how certain people can go from age 30 to 40, (or 40 to 50 even)… and not show any signs of aging at all?

These people are 10 years older, but they look and feel the same. Their bodies are performing just as well a decade ago.

Why is that? How is that possible? Do they have some secret anti-aging formula or a hidden “fountain of youth” in their backyard?

There is a little known “superfood” with the ability to reverse the affects of aging, make you feel and look younger and give you a steady stream of energy throughout the day…

But before we get into that, let’s look at the process of aging.

Here’s the simple truth about aging: cellular regeneration.

It’s actually very easy to understand why some people age faster than others.

Aging is actually a very simple math equation.

We have daily wear and tear in our lives. It can be physical, mental or even emotional stress. When we put strain on our bodies, many of our cells get toxic, grow old or simply stop working.

When our cells finally die, new and better functioning cells replace them. This is called “cellular regeneration”. Unfortunately, the process of replacing old cells with new cells requires a lot of energy. Without energy, our cells die faster than we can make new ones.

But over time, our ability to make energy slows down. And when cells aren’t replaced faster than they die off… we “age”.

So the real secret of looking young, staying fit and shedding weight is energy?

Well, yes and no. To be clear, it’s your body’s ability to create energy.

There are two ways the body creates energy.

One is the “normal way” and the other is an “emergency” way. To keep this article short, I’ll focus on the “normal way” which is “the aerobic process”.

Here’s what happens in the trillions of cells in your body…

Your cells are like factory assembly lines.

When you feed it enough oxygen, hydrogen, sugar (the good kind), good fats (like omega-3), vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it works its magic and creates a ton of energy. About 60 percent of this energy is used to produce heat. The other 40 percent handles everything else. Every single physiological and biochemical reaction in your body… (including replacing old cells with new ones).

And in order for your cells to work optimally, you need to feed it properly.

Hopefully, you’re already drinking tons of water and doing some exercise. That takes care of oxygen and hydrogen.

For everything else, it’s a matter of eating the right foods packed with the right nutrients.

Unfortunately, “watching what you eat” is harder than it sounds. Plus, a lot of the food we get at the grocery stores today are full of toxic chemicals, additives and bad sugars like high-fructose corn syrup.

Recently, scientists have discovered a “superfood” that’s 100% raw, natural and organic. No, it’s not acai berries, mangosteens, pomegranate, goji, resveratrol or any latest health-fad. It’s not chlorella, spirulina or fish oil either.

In fact, this superfood is 100 times more potent and powerful than all those superfoods combined.

It sounds unbelievable, but it’s not.

Just how powerful is it?

  • 99% of all life on planet Earth depends on this one microscopic life source.
  • Without it, life would not exist. (In fact, it’s responsible for making up to 90% of our planet’s oxygen… and it has nothing to do with trees).

And most importantly of all…

  • It has the power to “stimulate” your body to create trillions of healthy, new cells.

That last point is important.

As we’ve talked about in this article, the secret to growing old without aging is our ability to replace old cells effectively. This superfood does exactly that.

This superfood basically hand-delivers the most important and essential nutrients, vitamins, good fats, good sugars and amino acids to your cells.

When you put it in your body, you’ll feel a jolt of pure, raw, powerful energy like you experienced in years. Decades even.

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