Drink With Meals For Weight Loss & Increased Energy?

It is no secret that maintaining an efficient and optimal digestive system is vital to the foundation of your overall health. It is understood that many illnesses and disease actually stem from improper digestion, which leads to an influx of accumulated toxins in the system. This can often be the culprit of weight gain, fatigue, depression, and many more severe health concerns.

Many people don’t realize that how much and when they drink water can have an impact on their digestive process. Yes, it is incredibly important to make sure you are hydrated, but chugging large amounts of water with your meals can negatively impact your body’s ability to digest as it should.

If you overload on water at meals, it can interfere with the natural levels of stomach acid and bile that are needed to break down and assimilate your food, especially cold water, which can often lead to cramping for people who tend to be more sensitive.

So what are you supposed to do? Watch this short video to get a proven system on how to stay hydrated, while optimizing your digestion in a way that is easy and manageable.

A few other key tips that you can easily implement to compliment your new drinking schedule are:

  1. Choose room temperature or warm liquids over cold. Cold fluids have actually been shown to impair digestion more, so choose your drink temperatures wisely.
  2. If you need to drink at meals, no problem! Make sure to take small sips, rather than a larger quantity, to allow your body to work its digestion magic.
  3. If you follow the system mapped out in the video, you will be able to easily stay hydrated throughout the day, sidestepping feelings of thirst you may be feeling at mealtimes.

Implementing these easy tips and your new drinking schedule can powerfully affect your health in a short amount of time. Let us know the changes and benefits you experience by making a comment in the boxes below and make sure to share these easy tips with your community!

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