5 Reasons To Use a Tongue Scraper!

(BeWellBuzz) If you think all your teeth require is the regular regimen of brushing, flossing and cleaning, then you might just be surprised to hear this! New research has thrown up startling facts on just how important is it to use a proper tongue scraper to keep those unhealthy sediments on your tongue away.

Leaving aside the cosmetic problem and even halitosis, which is bad odor to the layman, an unclean tongue can actually cause a staggering range of diseases, infections and illnesses.

Read on below for some of the most important benefits of tongue scraping and why you shouldn’t skip this routine.

5 reasons to use a tongue scraper

Being strongly advocated by dentists for over 50 years for sound dental health, the practice of tongue scraping keeps you free of germs, bacteria and other harmful organisms, helping you stay healthy. Read for a detailed explanation of each such benefit.

1. Stay disease-free

When you scrape your tongue regularly, you prevent the harmful bacteria and toxic, undigested food particles (also known as ama) from getting into your digestive system. There are plenty of studies to show that when such particles enter your digestive tract, it can actually cause problems like ulcers and other infections. Interestingly, research also shows that your tongue is an important diagnostic organ. Any abnormal spots, marks and discoloration will be a sign of an impending disease. Hence, keeping it clean will help you spot out any such abnormalities well in time.

2. Keep your teeth clean and healthy

Quite similar to the beneficial effects of daily brushing, scraping your tongue as a part of your dental healthcare will help in improving your overall tooth and gum hygiene and health. A few strong benefits for dental health include minimal tooth decay, lesser gum problems and build-up of plaque.

3. Breathe and smell fresh

Research shows just how removing the grime on your tongue helps eliminate harmful bacteria, dead cells and food remnants that might cause bad mouth odor. In fact, research also shows that bad breath is more often a result of harmful bacteria residing on your tongue than that of a gum disease.

4. Fight effects of addictive habits

If you are one of those who are addicted or habituated to having too much of tea, coffee or alcohol, scraping your tongue in the right manner every day will ensure that you don’t end up with the typical tooth-stains associated with such habits. Even if you are a smoker or enjoy strong-flavored foods, this daily dental ritual can save you from bad breath and other problems.

5. Improve your taste buds

Believe it or not, regularly scraping your tongue will enhance the power of your taste buds. When the grime from the deposit on your tongue will be absent, it is natural for you to find your daily food much tastier.

Notes to remember

  • Either use only a proper tongue scraper/cleaner, designed specifically for the purpose or use a soft toothbrush to clean your tongue. You can even use a clean teaspoon or Popsicle stick in case you don’t have anything else handy.
  • Never rub or scrape too hard. You might even damage your taste buds if you do so.
  • Always remember to rinse your mouth properly after cleaning your tongue to remove any debris.







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