Why People Fail

Ask Yourself…

If you had your life to live over again, would you do more than what you’ve done so far?

This is a question I heard the great Les Brown ask and most people, if they are honest, would answer they would do more. This proved that what we do is just the tip of the iceberg of our true potential. For most, it’s not about aiming too high and missing but more about aiming too low and hitting, or not aiming at all!

There are many personal development programs and gurus out there that mean well but fall short of delivering the goods. Many foundational pieces are missing in the success toolkit and are a root cause to why people fail. Deep inside you know what you need to do, but why don’t you do it? We’ll cover this in today’s podcast with a powerful mentor and success coach Michael Bernoff, Shawn Stevenson, and BeWellBuzz founder and editor Larry Oz.

The topic covered is a starting point that will lead you to deeper self discovery and growth so you can better serve the world and embody your true potential.

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When you listen to the podcast below you’ll discover:

  • Why visualization isn’t the best way to achieve goals.
  • How to visualize properly so you really achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Why goal setting and positive thinking alone doesn’t work.
  • Emotional obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • A powerful psychological tool to magically take control of any situation.
  • Moving from reacting to responding properly.
  • The missing piece to the personal development equation. (most gurus sidestep this issue).
  • The important mechanisms for success.
  • Michael gives away 2 amazing gifts!

Discover these powerful insights by listening to the audio below:
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