What Is Sonopuncture and What Is it Useful For?

It is known as Sonopuncture or Acutonics (also Vibrational medicine according to some practitioners) and the principle is the same as that of acupuncture, stimulating the body to heal itself by certain types of manipulation.

However where acupuncture uses needles, sonopuncture uses sound waves to produce the same kind of results.

Like acupuncture, sonopuncture also uses the traditional understanding of the body being divided into meridians and tries to stimulate the Qi (chi) to heal the body.

There are certain tools used for sonopuncture, chief among them being the tuning fork, which, it is thought is tuned in accordance with the solar system’s harmonics.

In a sense this alternative treatment is also connected to music therapy, since here as well, is attributed as having healing properties.

The attempt is to use specifically made sound heads that generate uniform beams of cylindrical ultrasound and the tools are usually handcrafted.

The ultrasound stimulation is applied to the specific acupuncture points for a minute or less. Ultrasound waves can penetrate deep into the body’s tissues to generate healing and this therapy is thought to be suitable for anyone.

Sonopuncture practitioners can use a variety of different instruments to offer healing – not just specially crafted tuning forks but also, chimes, Tibetan bowls, electronic devices that emit sound or even musical instruments may be used to target the patient’s energy field.

The therapy can be used as a stand along method of healing or as a complementary treatment. It is often used in conjunction with acupuncture, particularly for those acupuncture points that may cause some pain.

Sonopuncture can be used to address a variety of different issues.


Certain infections, it is thought may note improvement with the help of sonopuncture. The aim of the therapy is to manipulate the body’s energy fields and to stimulate the body’s own immune systems and thereby fight infection.

Spinal problems

Sonopuncture therapists claim to be able to resolve certain spine related problems with the help of this therapy.

Asthma and bronchial problems

Sonopuncture is also thought to be useful in asthma management in order to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks, as well as to treat other bronchial and related problems.

Cosmetic use

One of the applications of this therapy is to smooth the skin and to reduce wrinkles it is claimed. The appearance of varicose veins may also be benefited.

Source: http://www.altmedicinezone.com

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