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Your skin absorbs much of what you put on it. That means the lotions, potions and cleansers are going right through you and entering your blood stream. We want you to be educated on the good, bad and ugly of the skin industry so our resident nutritionist Shawn Stevenson brought on skin expert and insider Annmarie Gianni to discuss this very topic.

You see, mainstream skin care products can be very toxic to your body. Many of them are rushed to market to meet the demand without any true consideration of research and development. All of the money goes into the marketing of these products. On the surface everything looks great, we’re sold on the sizzle. The bottles and jars that the creams come in look appealing. The magazine advertisements are glossy, complete with a youthful looking model or a well known celebrity who doesn’t even use the products.

Below the surface there is a story to be told.  This podcast will help you learn more about how skin care products work, the skin care industry from an insider and what to avoid.

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When you listen to the podcast below you’ll discover:

  • Annmarie’s personal story of discovery.
  • What is the skin’s acid mantle barrier and why it’s important.
  • The importance of having a proper PH skin balance and the ideal level.
  • The percentage of what your skin absorbs (this is shocking!)
  • Skin care industry secrets exposed (you need to know these).
  • What dangerous compounds you need to look out for in skin care products. (one is used in anti-freeze and brake fluid!)
  • What mineral oil is derived from.
  • Why you must stay away from petroleum based products.
  • Shocking facts about any products with water as a main ingredient.
  • A special ingredient that energizes, revitalizes.
  • All about Annmarie’s trusted and revered product line.
  • Use this specific oil for oily skin. (yep, it’s counterintuitive)
  • The best time to exfoliate and how often.
  • A great acne removal strategy.

Get the full story by listening to the audio below:
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