Want To Avoid Heart Attack? Stop Doing Excessive Cardio Exercise!

If you want to get into the best shape of your life and lessen your chances of having a heart attack, you have to include long, tortuous cardio exercise sessions to your overall fitness plan, right? Well that is the conventional knowledge. One needs only look at all the aerobic exercise classes, magazines, websites and infomercials to find out that the key to avoiding heart attacks is doing daily cardiovascular sessions of hour or more.

But is this true? Does the hard science back up what the fitness gurus and doctors are telling you about doing high volume, regular cardiovascular exercise, or is there more to the story that they dont know or simply arent telling you?

For the sake of not losing all of our faith in humanity, well assume that most of the experts simply arent privy to the real facts about cardiovascular health and exercise. And to help you make the best decisions for you health regimen, Ive put together some of the real facts about aerobic exercise for you right here.

More is not Better

Just look at those long distance runners and bicycle riders Theyre the absolute perfect examples of what it means to be healthy and fit, right? Nope. These guys and gals are keeling over from heart attacks with the same frequency as Joe Schmoe who sits on his couch all day, watching TV and drinking beer. This guy hasnt exercised in 30 years, but hes going to outlive quite a few exercise fanatics, so what gives?

Well, heres the cold hard truth All that exercise is killing those marathoners and joggers, just as surely as the inactivity and bad diet will end up killing our couch potato friend. The end will come via a slightly different route, but dead is dead.

Blood Vessel Inflammation

While poor diet and lack of exercise will definitely cause blockage to the arteries (to some degree) and end up being diagnosed as heart disease, our exercise junky friends will end up suffering from something different inflamed blood vessels. And this happens as a direct result of long, arduous cardiovascular workout sessions. Anyone who has bought into the myth that you need to exercise for hour+ running, jogging or biking to have a healthy heart, is more than likely going to succumb or suffer from the perils of inflamed blood vessels.

Heres How to Exercise

Please dont take the tone and subject matter of this article to be one that is anti-exercise. We all need to be physically active to enjoy optimal health. However, we just dont have to buy into the fitness methods that are being sold to the masses. You can, and should, do some vigorous cardiovascular exercise; just dont do more than 8 to 20 minutes of it. And dont do it more than three days a week. Anything more than this relatively light schedule causes the cardiovascular system to work to hard and become inflamed.

The proof you really need is in the obituaries. Every day long distance runners and other perfect physical specimens drop dead. Their fans and supporters dont understand. They assume that their heroes did everything right. What they dont know and what you now do know about inflamed blood vessels being directly linked to total heart failure, just may end up killing them.

Dont let that happen to you. Everything in moderation. Eat right. Exercise, but not too much. And youll be on the path to enjoying a long, healthy life, while those other guys are out wasting their energy running miles and miles but going nowhere fast

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