Podcast 5 – Chronic Fatigue Treatment (Part 2 of 3)

This week we Get deeper Into WHY you’re tired and what YOU can do about it…

If you missed part 1 of this podcast on energy or lack there of, please listen to it now and come back to this one after:

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Part 1<== Click

  • What is Syndrome X?
  • You’ll want to avoid this stressful state at all costs.
  • What signals you need to pay attention to that lead to lower energy
  • Discover the whole food that gives you energy and makes you satiated.
  • 2 amazing and important superfoods for energy, mineralization and optimal health.
  • Learn where 80% of your energy goes.
  • The normal bowel movement should be this long.
  • You are NOT what you eat, You are what you ________
  • This important process is closely tied to the brain and determines how you feel (and how much energy you have).

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Part 3 <- Final part of this podcast

Recommended products mentioned in the podcast:

=> Activation Marine Phytoplankton
=> Activation Magnesium
=> HealthForce Spirulinna Powder
=> HealthForce Chlorella Tabs
=> HealthForce Chlorella Powder

Click play below to listen now…

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