Episode 1. Our Relationship With Change, Things and Clutter

Did you realize that every possession in your life requires energy?

Did you realize that your relationship with change is directly related to your relationship with all of the possessions in your life?

Adding space within your environment can actually help you get unstuck and move rapidly and effortlessly towards your goals. When you have less “stuff” surrounding you, it is much easier to remain focused. Your thought process becomes less cluttered so that you can achieve your objectives with less effort. Once you become aware of the energetics of your possessions and excess clutter, every single thing in your life takes on a new meaning.

I know that adding more space and getting rid of the clutter in your life probably sounds great, but you might not have any idea about how or where to get started.

No worries, we have invited an expert, Board Certified Professional Organizer, Kathi Burns. And this interview is part one in our 5-part series “Organize Your Home and Your Life with Kathi”.

Watch the video below and we will show you how to get started adding space and creating a newly energized, healthy and more successful life!

Remember this when you want to get energized:

Less stuff = more energy
More stuff = less energy

We here at Be Well Buzz have a challenge for you:

The first 3 people to take action and post their before and after organizing photo on the special Be Well Buzz Facebook page, will receive a free download of Kathi’s Simple Home Organizing eBook.

This video contains only a small part of Kathi’s “Home Organizing Made Simple Online Program”. If you want to get organized, once and for all, and take complete advantage of Kathi ‘s special offer for the BeWellBuzz community, do it right now by clicking the link below this video.


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