Mangosteen has been a part of the traditional medicine of various Asian countries for a very long time. But if anyone outside of South East Asia is asked “What Mangosteen is and its benefits?” the chances are that they would not have even heard of this fruit, let alone know its benefits. Mangosteen is rated by experts to have one of the best flavors in the world.

It has been used both as a delicious food and as a medicine, and was once brought all the way around the world so that it could be sampled by Queen Victoria. Its health benefits were first written about as long ago as the 18th century. Different parts of mangosteen fruit and plant were used in the treatment of various diseases and disorders.

Mangosteen is a broad leaved, evergreen tree of medium size.  The Mangosteen tree grows in the humid tropics and is found all over South East Asia.  It can be grown up to an altitude of 400-900 meters and in areas which receive rainfall between 180 and 250 cm. per year.  The ideal cultivation locations are those that are frost free, with an equatorial climate and on the foothills so that water does not stagnate. The Mangosteen tree that grows in soils which have a high organic content will have a higher yield.  Under these conditions, a Mangosteen tree will start bearing fruits in 8-10 years, with the yield from a tree ranging between 500 to 1500 fruits.  Hybrid varieties may give more fruits.

The Mangosteen is a warehouse of good health and great taste.  It has a unique flavor and those who have savored this fruit will testify that once tasted, you are hooked for life.  It is not only experts, but even ordinary folk will tell you that the Mangosteen has one of the best flavors among fruit.  It is easy to store and under correct storage methods, the Mangosteen will last for up to 50 days.  To help the storage process, the surface of the fruit is treated with a mixture of Bordeaux, which will help while being transported as well as shelf life.  A number of products like paste, syrup, canned fruit etc. can be obtained after processing the Mangosteen.  However the most of the fine aroma is lost when it is processed.

What are the benefits of eating Mangosteen?  The lists of benefits are large and almost endless.

  • It is a traditional medicine in treating inflammation, dysentery and skin disorders.
  • It is used to fight infections by boiling the rind and making it into a tea.
  • It contains one of the most powerful antioxidants known as Xanthone.  This antioxidant helps in fighting infections, fungi, bacteria and histamines. Researchers say it helps in fighting cancer.
  • Mangosteen has antioxidant properties that help keep free radicals in check.  Free radicals are what causes cellular damage in our bodies, be it due to aging or disease.  The Mangosteen neutralizes the free radicals and helps the body to get rid of them harmlessly.
  • Mangosteen helps in slowing down aging.
  • Mangosteen has been observed to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
  • It helps with anxiety and depression by elevating your mood.
  • It acts against histamines and helps suppress allergies.
  • It improves the health of your eyes and gums.
  • Mangosteen helps in reducing migraine.
  • Mangosteen helps overcome some types of skin problems.
  • It energizes the body and helps reducing blood pressure, inflammation, nerve pain and general aches and pains.
  • It acts effectively to lower fever.
  • It helps fighting fungus, parasites, viruses, infections and improves immune response.
  • Mangosteen helps in protecting the heart and supports vascular health.
  • It helps in having regular bowel movements.

Scientists are discovering more and more benefits every day.  There has been a lot of research done on the benefits of Mangosteen all over the world and the consensus is that Mangosteen is one of nature’s best gifts to humans.  It is time the rest of the world woke up to this storehouse of good health and derive its benefits like those in South East Asia, who have been doing this for hundreds of years.  The next time someone asks you “What is Mangosteen and its benefits” give them your best smile and confidently tell them, that of all the fruits available, Mangosteen is the best fruit for your health and well-being.

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