Homemade Hydroponics/Alternative Medicine

Since opening a few months ago, Homemade Hydroponics/Alternative Medicines has been providing patients with a steady stream of quality strains at good prices, no membership necessary. They also advertise for clones, smoking accessories and medibles. However, availability of foods beyond hard candy pieces is rare.

Aside from the missing pipes and medibles, this shop has some of the best meds around.

As a patient, grower and owner, Matt knows his stuff, and it shows in his selection of strains.

Meds prices range from $10 to $20 per gram and will change based on popularity and availability. Transactions are handled through security windows, but the staff will be glad to slide out a sample to examine, or even bring the jar out if they think it‘s something special.

At $15 a gram, the Pineapple Kush was amazing. The buds were heavily dusted with trichomes and the strong, fruity aroma carried right on through to the taste of it. With a buzz that set into the whole body almost immediately and lasted for a couple of hours, it’s easy to see why this is the stuff they make movies out of.

Another strain going for $15 a gram was the UK Cheese, an indica-dominant hybrid of the classic Cheese strain. Small, dark buds lacking a big shine are usually a turn-off, but after smelling the funky cheese, it had to be sampled. Out of a clean pipe the smoke tasted a little stale, but wasn’t harsh at all. It took a few minutes, but after settling in, the relaxing high stuck around long enough for the taste not to matter anymore.

For $20 a gram, the Bubblegum strain was as good as it should be — almost too good to put down. A well known indica hybrid, Bubblegum is known for its candy-like smell and taste as well as it’s unique, uplifting high not normally associated with indicas.

Unavailable at the time, Fraggel Rock and the award-winning Chem Dog/ Dawg are other notable strains that Alt Meds regularly carries.

Although he supports and spoke out in favor of the moratorium as a businessman, Matt fully understands and supports patients’ rights to safe access of medical marijuana and will continue to provide quality meds to those in need.

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