Can You Exercise During a Juice Cleanse?

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A juice cleanse will offer you a lot of healthy benefits, including clearer skin, increased energy, improved immune function and much more. It gives your digestive system a break and allows your body to rid itself of toxins.

It can be difficult to go without eating for several days at a time, drinking only juice. However, the juice will offer you important nutrients and you will feel clean, healthy and light. You will also notice that by the end of the cleanse you are no longer craving sugary, starchy or fattening foods. The cleanse will help to “reset” your body, so that you can start again fresh.

You might be wondering whether or not it is safe to exercise when you are doing a juice detox cleanse. Should you stop going to the gym, running or playing sports while you are detoxing your body?

The answer of course will depend on you personally and how your particular body reacts to the juice detox. Some people find that they have more energy when they are on a juice detox cleanse and they are able to perform a number of exercises such as yoga, jogging, running or pilates. However, others will feel slightly more tired and fatigued during a detox and will need to rest and get more sleep. Listen to your body, it will tell you whether you are ready to exercise or whether you need sleep more.

A Juice Detox Will Likely Bring You More Energy

Most of the time, people report that they have more energy when they attempt a juice cleanse. It is a myth that you lack energy when you don’t eat a lot. In fact, when you do a juice detox and let your digestive system rest, you will very likely find that your energy gets a boost.

This is because all of the energy that you used to spend on digestion is now yours for the taking, so you will be able to use it for exercise. Many people believe that they will become lightheaded if they are not eating any solid food, but instead your mind will likely feel clearer and you will have greater energy and concentration. All of the blood and energy that used to be sent to the digestive organs to break down a meal can be used to supply other parts of your body instead.

While you are drinking only juice, you will be enjoying the benefits of resting your digestive system, without depriving yourself of all the important essential nutrients that you need such as vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring plant compounds.

Types of Exercise to Do

So now that you know that it’s okay to exercise while you are on a juice detox, what types of exercise should you be doing?


Going for a walk is a great form of exercise that you will be able even if you are in the middle of a juice detox cleanse. It is not a very strenuous activity, but it will help you to get your blood pumping, lower your cholesterol, keep your blood pressure in check and lower your risk of developing diabetes, cancer and asthma. Walking is also a great activity for strengthening and stimulating bones, increasing their density and maintaining healthy joints.


Yoga is a great exercise to do while you are performing a juice detox cleanse. it is an ancient form of exercise that involves, flexibility, strength and breathing in order to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is gentle and you can take it at your own pace, which means that you can adapt it to how you are feeling while you are on your juice diet. You can take a yoga class at your local gym or community centre, or learn from books or videos online.


This is another great way to exercise during a juice cleanse, because when you are underwater you will be weightless so you will experience very little impact on your joints. It is better to find a pool that has salt water rather than chlorine, or better yet an ozone pool which contains no chemicals at all.

All of these forms of exercise are suitable to perform while you are undergoing a juice cleanse, so if you are feeling energetic go ahead and get active!

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