Self-Love and The Power of Masturbation


Sex is the most natural biological craving. It is an act that fulfills us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sex is sacred (at least it should be) even in its most raunchy moments. It’s a beautiful act of love… more importantly… how you choose to have sex is a direct reflection of your level of SELF-love. What do I mean? I mean if your sex is unfulfilling or based upon choices of inadequacy, people-pleasing, shame, and guilt, then you need to get real with yourself. You need to start making choices about sex, with sex, and around sex based upon LOVING and honoring yourself.

The only “bad” thing about sex is the perversion that has come out of the shame and guilt put upon us by society and religion. Yet, that is the biggest tool used to engage us as consumers.

If you are one of the many wondering where the FIRE has gone… where the steamy bedroom romance has disappeared to, why your hormones are completely out of whack, and where the overall zest for life has gone, take a look inside and see where your level of dedication to self is laying.

In my experience as a practitioner, it is pretty easy to correct hormonal imbalances. Plenty of powerful holistic options are available. It always comes down to what a person is willing to do to heal themselves. How much are they willing to love themselves so they can make the necessary choices on the path to true health and vitality?

What takes effort and a whole lot of courage is acquiring the level of self-love needed to re-ignite the flames of passion within the inner landscape of our own personal world. The kind of self-love that re-opens the outside world around, shifting perspective, healing, nourishing, empowering, enlivening, and bringing a re-evolution of who you are at the core.

Our emotions, our physical health, our dams, passions, and desires for life all are tied together. Once we correct the hormonal imbalances the next step is unlocking the emotional chains that bind. This is where I am going to bring it back to sex.

On the simplest level, if you are not turned on by YOU, then how do expect someone else to be turned on by you? It is the vibrancy, the light in the eyes, the charisma and passion a person exudes that turns on another person. If your personal chemistry is out of balance and you as a being are out of touch with the inner most juicy pieces of who YOU are, then how do you expect to get turned on, be turned on, or even turn on another person?

The first place to begin is by getting your physical being on track with a health plan that fits your individual biological makeup. Next, take some time for self care. Hear me here, please, because this is so important. Take time for self care. In today’s busy world the first place to begin caring for yourself is at the most basic level: honor yourself, honor your individual needs. If you love to shower, take a long one. If you love a bath, take a long one. Primp, shave, get your favorite salts and essential oils, your favorite body scrubs, then when you come out of the shower or bath (already feeling brand new) rub yourself from head to toe in luxurious body oils and love butters (my favorites are linked). Spray your body and being with petal perfumes or colognes and GET TURNED ON BY YOU!

If it’s been a while since you’ve been physically pleasured, ya know, had “the big O,” then stop everything you’re doing and take some time for self-care and love yourself up. There are extremely high-end, classy, sophisticated toys that come in silk pouches with little gold emblem. Get one.

Love yourself.

Making love to you (masturbation) is the best way to understand how to help your partner pleasure you. When you make love to yourself, free of shame and guilt, with the FULL realization of the God/ Goddess that you are, huge transformations occur–physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The ONLY way to a more LOVING WORLD is to LOVE YOURSELF. That means getting intimate with the very essence of your own nature and being. It is time to heal the wounds, time to come out of the dark ages and LOVE yourself.

Sex, purely in physical terms:
* Boosts the immune system
* Hypes up the libido (want more sex, have more sex, it all begins with you)
* Improves bladder control for women
* Lowers blood pressure
* Cures headaches (Note — This is excuse is lame. If you have a headache, get it on.)

Sex is good. Sex is necessary on a purely physical level to keep the chemistry of our body humming purr-fectly; emotionally it feeds us. As humans, connection, touch, and pleasure is the way to feeling whole. Of course, this must come from within us first, and self-love is the key.

Spiritually, sex is a cosmic portal into love. It IS how we touch the very center and core of our existence on this plane into the next and connect with the Divine aspects of the God/ Goddess self.

So, let’s talk about sex–openly, honestly, with full transparency. Get real. Get honest. Open up and learn how to receive.

Self-love and orgasmic sex is important to your overall health and well-being.

Get turned on, dive deep into love with yourself. Live. Feel. Experience the very depths and heights of sensuality.

Get rid of the guilt and shame that was programmed into your psyche. Do the most natural thing known to us to get that fabulous glow, boost your immune system, light up your eyes, and turn on the creative fire within.
Have sex. Have lots of sex and have it with yourself FIRST.

Love all the facets that are you.

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