Exposed – The Business of Cancer

100 years ago cancer was a rare occurrence. Now 1 in 3 people are at risk of getting one.

Cancer industry has also grown into a huge business. There are shockingly now more people making a living off cancer than have cancer. It is a 120 billion dollar a year industry in the United States alone, and estimated to be a 600 billion dollar a year industry worldwide.

According to the American Cancer Society and the American College of Oncology and Hematology, if a person survives for 5 years after being diagnosed with cancer it is considered a successful case. Also, both organizations admit that a person is likely to survive cancer for 7 to 10 years even if they do absolutely NOTHING.

Interesting, isn’t it?

This week Shawn Stevenson interviews Ty Bollinger a health freedom advocate, cancer researcher, former competitive bodybuilder, and author of the best-selling book, Cancer—Step Outside the Box. He has devoted the last decade of  his life to medical research to find alternative cancer treatments and cures.

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When you listen to the podcast below you’ll discover:

  • Ty’s personal journey into the world of cancer.
  • What is cancer and its cause.
  • Why three main cancer treatments don’t really work.
  • Why a cancer tumor is the symptom but not the cause.
  • What causes the immune system breakdown?
  • How chemotherapy compromises the immune system?
  • The cancer drug still being used that World Health Organization declared a carcinogen 10 years ago.
  • Why cancer patients die from the treatments not the cancer
  • What’s creating the condition for cancer to manifest.
  • Why cancer is not genetic?
  • The role your diet plays in the cancer equation.
  • How long people live taking the treatment route (this statistic is SHOCKING).
  • The reason why doctors prescribe commonly accepted (but deadly) solutions.
  • The role of big money within the treatment and its ties to the Flexner Report.
  • The people behind The American Cancer Society (SHOCKING).
  • The mammogram cancer connection.
  • Important nutritional solutions.
  • Use this vitamin to kill cancer cells.
  • Much Much More…

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