Yes It Is Possible to Avoid and Pass Gallstones Naturally

The doctors may have suggested that gallbladder surgery is the only option. However, it is possible to dissolve your gallstones while keeping your gallbladder by following these simple home cures.

Lots of people undergo gallbladder surgery all across the world every year. The surgical removal of the gallbladder is known as Cholecystectomy. Many of these surgeries could be avoided with the help of simple home cures.

Here are some of the simple home cures that may be successful in dissolving your gallstones.

You have to trust the holistic cure, it can do wonders. A holistic remedy urges the body’s natural defenses to act fast and cure itself. With natural cures you can give your body the needed nourishment to naturally dissolve the gallstones and flush it out. The human body is much smarter and has the ability to heal itself as compared to any medical practice. Your body can actually heal itself if you give it a natural lifestyle.

1. A wholesome diet: A diet which is good for your gallstone is the one which helps with ‘flushing’. Flushing refers to regular the removal of toxins and cholesterol from the body. A good diet for your gallstones must include water soluble fiber as well as very little saturated fats. The gallstones are made of cholesterol, hence, you can keep your body free from gallstones by reducing the amount of cholesterol in your diet and proper flushing.

egg 2. Animal food products:Y ou must avoid having any food which are animal based or with any animal. Non vegetarian foods and animal based products have cholesterol[1] in it which is harmful for your gallstones. It is easier to flush gallstones from the body when they are still small in size. The foods that you need to avoid are fast foods, spicy foods, eggs, oily foods, red meats, pork and bird meat. Read further to know the foods that you can eat.

fresh_vegetable3. Prevent gallstones:

Prevention is far better than cure. You can avoid having to deal with gallstones if you have more fruit and vegetable based fiber as they are water soluble. The water soluble fiber helps in flushing out the cholesterol[2] as well as gallstones from the body. Have more of the following foods: alfalfa, artichokes, beets, carrots, fennel, horseradish, mustard green, spinach, watermelon, apple, barley, broccoli, celery, grapefruit, lemon, olive oil, radish, water chestnut as well as garlic.

4. More of good and less of bad: Above we have written that do not have animal based foods as they are high in cholesterol but it may be tough for some to stop eating non vegetarian food altogether. The good news is that you can eat non vegetarian foods which are low is cholesterol such as chicken, fish and turkey. Have loads of fruits and vegetables along with non veg foods to flush out the cholesterol.

5. Coffee: Drink one to two cups of coffee to pass gallstones. As per recent reports, coffee increases the flow of bile, which is helpful in stopping the gallstones from forming.

6. Vitamin C[3]Get your every day dose of vitamins, especially Vitamin C[4], which helps the body to convert cholesterol into bile acids. When you have more bile acids, you reduce the risks of getting gallstones.

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