7 Important Items for Staying Healthy On The Go

We see you out there, endlessly on the go. You’re running from errand to errand, from meeting to meeting, and still trying to stay healthy and physically active. It might almost appear impossible, especially if you compare yourself to the seemingly perfect images of social media influencers and celebrities. Just how do they stay healthy, but still lead perpetually busy lives?

For one, they definitely don’t do it without help. Celebrities and influencers rely on an endless number of beneficial products to keep them healthy in mind, body, and soul. As you know, it’s becoming impossible to do it all by yourself. So, why not take advantage of modern technological advancements in health and wellness products to become the best version of yourself?

Here are seven of the most important items we use to stay fit, hydrated and healthy in today’s crazy world:

1. Oura Ring

What is an Oura Ring and How Can It Help?

Starting the day off on the right foot always is based on getting a good night’s sleep first. The Oura Ring helps you find your own individual circadian rhythm. It’s much more than just a fitness tracker or a sleep monitor; it intelligently determines your sleep, recovery and activity requirements.

Unlike some trackers on the market, the Oura Ring is an aesthetically pleasing way to improve sleep quality. The ring analyses many physiological indicators to determine what works best for you, helping you become more productive and better rested. Out of all the apps, wearable gadgets and trackers on the market, it is by far the most straightforward, sleekest and most consistently wearable design. Plus, for all its features, it is set at a very reasonable price.

We are asked what they are these matching rings we are wearing quite often and why we like them. #1 reason why we use and love them, is because the sleep data it gives us. It’s quite fascinating to see how your daily activities affect your sleep (food, drinks, exercise, even the type of tea we drink in the afternoon…) You really learn what’s helping your body and what’s not.

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2. BrainWave App

Do you ever find it difficult to focus your attention on just the one task at hand? Or perhaps you have too many thoughts running through your head, preventing you from falling asleep. What if we told you there is an app for that?

The BrainWave App relies on the proven science of sound. Using specialized beats, at specifically set frequencies (called binaural beats), the BrainWave App induces different states of mind, such as mindfulness, concentration, and even sleep. Although the folks at Brain Wave have honed the technology in a mobile app, the tradition of binaural beats has been around for thousands of years.

For people continually switching from one task to another, or for those who find it difficult to shut down at night, binaural sound waves make it infinitely easier. The next time you need to concentrate on the task at hand, just pop in your headphones and turn on the binaural beats.

Got an overnight flight? Preset programs like Morning Coffee, Espresso Shot or Morning Meditation are our favorites.

Have an important meeting? Confidence, Positive Mood or Motivation Boost are your go-to programs.

You can get BrainWave App on iTunes

3. Oster My Blend Portable Blender

If you travel frequently, you know how hard it is to keep up the healthy smoothie regime each morning. Which is why we always bring a smoothie maker with us. What qualifies as a portable blender? In our opinion, it means a smoothie maker that makes quick single servings (preferably without much cleanup) and a machine that travels well.

Oster My Blend is a perfect combination of all the smoothie-making qualities we need on the go. It travels exceptionally well, coming in at just over three pounds, plus it makes the smoothie in its own to-go cup! It is a perfect way to keep up the healthy morning smoothie routine at the hotel or in the office.

4. Muse Meditation Band

Staying Healthy on The Go: meditation headband

For those perpetually on the go, maintaining a sense of inner calm is one of the most challenging mindsets to keep up. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in a busy schedule, office stress or the never-ending needs of an active family. Even though we all know meditation is a powerful component of mental clarity, few take the time to practice it.

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The Muse Meditation Band combines technology with meditation guidance. It can easily be used anywhere, reading brainwave activity to better direct and soothe spiraling stressful thoughts. When the band is placed across the forehead, it accurately reads brainwave activity. As activity drifts in and out of mindfulness, the band redirects your attention by increasing the sound of wind. It’s the mindfulness coach you never knew you needed, and one that travels with you when you need it most.

5. Apple Watch Series 3

Smartwatches are a perfect way to combine the technologies of a health tracker with mobile connectedness. We all know how annoying it is to carry around a handful of tech gadgets, switching from your phone, to step counter, to iPod as you move through your schedule. Now it’s all combined into one smart wearable technology.

According to the reviews, the Apple Watch Series 3 is Apple’s best smartwatch yet, allowing you to stay connected without also lugging around a bag full of electronics. Not only can you get notifications directly sent to your wrist to keep on top of email and messages, but the Series 3 also continues with brilliant fitness tracking capability; motivating you to walk faster, train longer and improve your fitness step by step.

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6. Hydro Flask

Staying Healthy on The Go: best portable water bottles

According to the Institute of Medicine, the health division of the National Academy of Sciences, men need approximately 104 ounces (13 cups) of water a day and women require 72 ounces (nine cups). When you are on the go, it’s vital to carry your next water refill with you. How else do you expect to drink that much water?

In our opinion, this is perhaps the best portable water bottle on the market, especially for those folks living in warmer climates. Those who use it swear by it, because even during the hottest heat wave, they find their cold water stays refreshing throughout the day. Thanks to its patented totally-insulated design (the first of its kind on the market) the Hydro Flask keeps hot coffee toasty and cold water chilled over extended periods.

7. Contigo Travel Mugs

Although we might want to move away from the quick caffeine fix, there is something very motivating about a perfect cup of coffee. Nothing gets us out of bed like the smell of roasted coffee beans. Unfortunately, few have time to savor that cup of java before running out the door, which is why we like to take it with us.

The Contigo travel mugs are the go-to brand for keeping your coffee hot, fitting in your cup holder, and not spilling a drop. They are made from perfectly insulated stainless steel and always BPA-free. For those looking for even more stimulation from their morning cup of coffee, don’t forget to add a spoonful of coconut oil.

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Stay balanced with the perfect sleep schedule, based on the data provided by Oura Ring, and maintain that mindset throughout the day with quick meditation sessions with the help of the Muse Meditation Band. Stay hydrated with always refreshing water from the Hydro Flask, and keep up a morning smoothie routine, even while traveling, with a portable blender. Use the Apple Watch to keep connected and monitor activity, but when it comes time to concentrate, plug into the Brain Wave app. Even while maintaining a whirlwind schedule, it is possible to keep active, hydrated and healthy, especially with a few helpful products close by.



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