Vitamin C – More Than Just a Cold Remedy

I believe this humble little vitamin’s amazing benefits have been overlooked for many years. It’s about time we extol its virtues and get more research done into the health benefits of this powerhouse.

Ever since I remember “cold and ‘flu remedies” have been sold with the
added benefit of lemons. However, it never was explained to us why the lemons were beneficial. Was it the taste or was it the added vitamin C or a combination of both?

The British Navy in the 1800s used Vitamin C in form of lime juice to prevent sailors from getting scurvy, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. Hence, the British became known as Limeys.

Fast forward to the modern day and the recommended daily allowance for this amazing antioxidant is a mere 60 milligrams. What studies were done to come up with that
figure? Some of the vitamin supplements sold today contain 1000 milligrams
of vitamin C.

The 60 milligram figure would appear to be far too low, according to the two-time
Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling. For many years he researched the
benefits of vitamin C and, in particular, its link to reversing heart
disease. Vitamin C is vital in the production of collagen, which helps the
elasticity of the skin, cells and arteries. According to Dr. Pauling,
this discovery was the vital “missing link” in discovering the cause of atherosclerosis, better known “hardening of the arteries.” So if vitamin C can help improve skin suppleness, get rid of wrinkles and more, doesn’t it make sense that it can aid in the protection of the arteries by making them more supple?

Dr. Pauling’s findings led him to establish that 60 milligrams was nowhere
near enough for the average person and the real daily requirement was
closer to 10 grammes or more.

So why is this antioxidant bombshell not a priority on everyone’s list?

Big pharmaceutical companies have had a massive say in that for many years as vitamin C is cheap to produce and, of course, being natural, it cannot be patented.

In conclusion, vitamin C is an incredibly powerful antioxidant that has far more benefits that merely being an old fashioned cold or flu remedy. We haven’t yet established its full capabilities, but in time and with common sense we will.

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