5 Health Destroying Lies You’ve Been Fooled To Believe

If I asked you to name a few degenerative diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, Cancer, osteoporosis and probably a few autoimmune diseases would probably be the ones that come to mind.

Now, say the reasons behind. Ok, ok….I almost hear it coming; “- high fat, high sugar and too much red meat” – Guess what! You are chanting the mainstream mantra from mainstream organizations and you are a part of the mainstream crowd that is almost mainstream-ly sick.

My simple question: If following mainstream recommendations gives you a clean sheet from all that agony, why are there so many unhappy faces around? Shouldn’t everyone be happy and healthy people instead by following the professional advices, both dietary and medical? After all, the USDA Food Guide Pyramid and the USFDA Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) are the last words in healthy living. Could they be wrong?

Do you think if you follow those recommendations more people would fall sick or improve their health? Well let’s dive deeper into dangerous health myths you’ve been fooled to believe.

What kills you?

Most will answer bullets, accidents and diseases…what about a too hygienic lifestyle? And then, foods? Then there are the medicinal – I dare say – habits; together, it becomes a wonderful recipe for disaster.

Uncovering fatal myths

Remember what’s in the mothers’ milk? 58% fat, 12% protein and 30% carbohydrates, which is lactose (milk sugar). No nutritionist is better than Mother Nature herself, so if you are currently on a low fat and carb, high protein diet, you are paving the way towards a perfectly ruined health.

But you don’t have to be an Eskimo either in your dietary preference. Some argue an all meat diet is the perfect diet and cite Eskimos as burning examples. The temperature and climate has got a lot to do with that. Their genetics are structured that way; ours are not.

But then again, ours are not the polar opposites as you might be thinking. It’s different, but not so much, which tells us that we need to eat things that closely resemble theirs. But you have been fooled to believe these 5 health destroying lies instead.

1. Saturated fats bring heart diseases and cancer.

That means meat, butter and lard, right? Some nasty things doing further nasty things like raising cholesterol and jamming the heart, or causing breast cancer in pre-menopausal women. Then how do we define French paradox? Most French are Caucasians, genetically, like the rest of us, so how does a diet very high in saturated fat creates just 30% of cardiac patients than in the US? The French consume much less carbs. So the basic point is: all these days, you have been listening to a BIG, FAT LIE!

Saturated fats and cholesterol build the steroid hormones, without which, the heart staggers (in men) and the bones turns thin (with both men and women). A low-carb diet with saturated fats just lower triglycerides and increases the good HDL cholesterol, thus improving cholesterol ratios. they also help building stronger cell walls and improve the chances of survival of the cell.

The problem is not the cholesterol in eggs or the saturated fat in red meat; the problem is inactivity. You need some amount of physical exertion to start the process; you avoid fat (including Omega-3 fatty acids; we’ll come to that in a little while) and it will break your heart and bones in its literal sense.

Myths debunked: Saturated fat is bad and a low-fat diet is better

2. Vegetarianism is a healthy way of eating.

Really? Maybe for them who have been brought up on vegetarian food for generations and got their genetics shaped that way, but for the average omnivore human, a sudden shift to true vegetarianism will make the essential minerals and amino acids go down in the body in no time. Besides, you only draw 20% of the total nutrients (on an average) from vegetarian foods; how do you plan to survive omitting the rest 80%? Do you think rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, IBS and fibromyalgia are just bad luck? No, vegetarian food mostly triggers candida and that itself is responsible for all of the above and even cancers and cysts outside the intestines and colon. If your ancestors and you weren’t mostly vegetarian, make sure you test and listen to your body before doing a drastic dietary changes.

3. Omega fatty acids are next to GOD

That’s omega-3 fat, not the monounsaturated omega-9 as found in olive oil and polyunsaturated omega-6 so abundant in nuts, grains and seeds. They are inflammatory by nature and breast cancer is just one of the ills they bring. To understand the difference between omega fatty acids, check out the articles below:

– The Benefits and Best Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

– Stay Away From These Heart-Harming Omega-6 Rich Oils

4. Carbohydrates: A healthy energy source

Let’s get it straight: no carbohydrate is healthy enough; at most you can differentiate them into dreadful and plain bad. But it’s something like a necessary evil, best before indulging into any sort of physical activity. Why carbs are best when it’s low? Because they cause insulin rush first and insulin resistance later on. The body is designed to create glucose from fats and proteins (gluconeogenesis) and maintain a healthy level of it in the blood put it in any extra and it will be a grand fiesta for the unfriendly bacteria and fungi within. It makes them stronger and the gut microflora gets a hard time keeping up the balance. Often they are defeated and you develop infections that lead to symptoms such as obesity, gluten intolerance and IBS.

5. More fiber for healthy digestion

The claim that fiber is an excellent peristalsis inducer doesn’t hold when you are pairing it with high levels of carbohydrates. Carbs cause bacteria and yeasts to overgrow, which infect the intestines and slows down mobility. You take fibers on top of that, the cellulose in it feeds the bacteria and they wreck havoc in the colon. Welcome to leaky gut syndrome!

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