6 Cleansing Mistakes You Are Likely To Make

As we enter 2012 many people activate their New Year resolutions of health. One of those resolutions may be to cleanse. So whether you plan on cleansing immediately in the new year or later on (and you absolutely should) you’ll want to pay special attention to this podcast.

While cleansing is incredibly important there’s a lot of noise and clever marketing around it. So much that the line of reason and logic gets blurred.

Shawn Stevenson helps clear things up with real wisdom about cleansing. Avoiding these 6 mistakes will put you on a REAL path of health.

Please share this podcast with family and friends, it’s so important.

When you listen to this podcast you’ll discover:

  • Studies show these benefits of cleansing and fasting.
  • Why to avoid cleansing supplements found in stores.
  • Why the “cookie cutter” cleanses are dangerous.
  • Why clarity of intention of the cleanse is critical.
  • Dangers of mineral and vitamin deficiency during a cleanse.
  • You DON’T want to be deficient of THIS mineral while cleansing.
  • Importance of having your channels of elimination open.
  • How rest can help you cleanse.
  •  The biggest mistake you can make. (Hint: It’s what happens after)
Recommended Product to aid in cleansing:

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