Energy Wrap-Ups for 2011 – Enter 2012

Here we are in the last week of December, 2011 with the Winter Solstice gifts still present in your consciousness. Perhaps your gift was not so obvious that you received? Supposing it was so subtle that you wondered even if you received a gift? Let us reflect now on just what the Gift of the Winter Solstice was all about. It was a time when the human being could open themselves up before the Greater Light and Love of the All Presence and let the vulnerabilities be exposed, let the pain be soothed and the depression be lifted. This was a time when the Doors to the Heart flew open and you could stand on the Threshold and KNOW that you belong inside. It has been a time for self acceptance and a cleansing of the old false beliefs and emotional struggles. The Winter Solstice cycle brought Healing and Enlightenment to us all!

Rather than concentrating on what is so very wrong at times in our lives; those things we are challenged by, we have a time here and now to pause and reflect on just how very Special each one of us are to the “God of our Heart”. We can laugh or cry, we can sing and dance or just sleep…but no matter what you did or did not do over the Solstice season, you can be rest assured of ONE thing; You were touched by the Brilliant Love and Light of your Soul and the Heavenly realms of Subtle Beings of Intelligence we call Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Higher Councils.

Think carefully now….during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, did you take a moment to pause and reflect on this? Even with a deep breath or a peaceful sigh, you were in the alignment of the Greater Cycle of Winter Solstice energy of Christed Consciousness. Therefore, no matter what level of enlightenment you are at in your Spiritual Journey, no matter if you are an experienced Mystic or an unconscious human who still has not recognized his or her own Divine birthright, you were TOUCHED BY THE COSMIC LIGHT OF CHRISTED LOVE – First Principle of Creation. That is the GIFT of the Winter Solstice.

So..I can ask you now…Did you receive a gift over the Winter Solstice from the Cosmic? I think you can now answer, YES ! We all received something…and that something cannot be measured in dollars and cents. You will know it by the “feeling” in your heart centre…it is like a wash of Light and warmth that spreads through your body…and yes…often accompanied by a new thought or an “epiphany”. Only you will know !

Now let’s all get ready for the entry into 2012. This year is not to be taken lightly…there is plenty of spiritual work to do in order to improve our alignment to Source. We can do it !!!
2012 offers you 12 months of preparation for Winter Solstice, 2012 where all on earth are going to experience the “pause” or moment of silence between the shifts of our spiritual consciousness. The human consciousness is quickly awakening now and realizing that each of us are not limited to physical existence and mere survival. We are becoming more consciously aware of our Divine heritage and the powerful meaning of alignment with this realization. Just what will this mean for you? Well for the consciously awakened person, it means plenty of resolution and dismissal of old programs and false beliefs that leaves one in dis-empowerment. It means that many will experience deep inside of them an understanding of why they are born and what their Soul purpose is. For the unconscious which currently makes up the majority of our human populace, it will mean they will have questions to ask of the enlightened, they will be seeking secure means when their old patterns fail if not healthy for them, and the will need your love and assurance that the Light on their path is well lit and you and others will help them to find their way. We will all be needing to help each other in 2012 and beyond. You are not going to be able to transfer the old into the new nor will you be able to stick to patterns and routines that do not bring you the best in your life. You will turn more and more away from the nonsense of struggling to keep up with material things and place greater emphasis on the health and spiritual well being of your family. It’s going to be a great year !

Do engage in practices of deep breathing, spiritual study and meditation as soon as you are able to start. They will be for you a good place to begin experiencing what it means to be more than “just a body”. Your body though will thank you as you are the Master of the sacred Temple. Your body is a Temple and you must learn to look after it.
Many good teachers and healers are offering their guidance. Get a referral to one you build a trusting relationship with who looks after your best interests at heart.

Blessings to all,

Kathy Roseborough

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