The Fitness Trends That Will Keep You In Shape For 2017

fitness trends

In the ever evolving world of fitness trends, 2017 is going to be all about powerful and intense workouts which can be incorporated into an already busy lifestyle. Nobody has the time or patience to deal with expensive and cumbersome exercise equipment, which is while this year will also be focused on using hardly any equipment at all. That is, unless we consider the addition of a fancy new fitness tracker! The use of wearable technology is going to take off, giving us all a better way to manage and understand our own personal journeys.

1.  Wearable Tech

Although the research is still unclear about the longterm benefits of wearable technology such as fitness trackers, pedometers, and heart rate monitors, it hasn’t stopped the world from jumping on the bandwagon. In 2017 sales of wearable trackers are expected to hit $4 billion.

With sales booming wearable technology isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, which is exactly why it’s made it onto this list. Everyone will be tracking their total steps, checking the heart rates and managing total calories burned, all thanks to little devices attached to their wrists.

2.  HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, is a quick and dirty way to increase strength, endurance and to burn calories quickly. A typical HIIT workout means short bursts of intense exercise aimed at raising your heart rate to near maximum levels. In a 20 to 30 minute workout, you can burn just as many calories as a standard longer workout. Because we are only getting more pressed for time and many people are finding it increasingly difficult to fit exercise into their schedules, HIIT workouts offer a smart solution for a time stressed lifestyle in 2017.

3.  Bodyweight

Why should anyone invest in expensive workout equipment these days, when professional trainers are creating specific exercises that simply use bodyweight to build and tone muscles? Bodyweight regimes require have no associated costs, no setup, and no barriers to entry, and therefore is moving onto everyone’s radar. Many gyms are already building classes around this methodology. The ease of entry means that more and more people are fitting in a quick bodywork workout between meetings at office, or after work in a tiny studio apartments. There is literally nothing as simple, and as effective as bodyweight training

4.  Exercise as Medicine

Although food will always be an important medicine, in 2017 physical activity will also be making its way onto many prescriptions. Exercise is a powerful way to combat mental health issues such as anxiety and depression; it is also an important way to maintain healthy and functioning bodily systems. More and more research is showing how the modern sedentary lifestyle is causing extremely high costs for our healthcare system and our bodies, which is why an active lifestyle is now being understood as such a powerful preventative medicine.

5.  Group Training

Harnessing the power of peer pressure, fitness trends in 2017 will be focused on teaming up with friends, joining fitness classes or even memberships in online groups. Group training is a way to use people’s competitive side as motivation; it can encourage longer, harder and more frequent workouts simply through being a part in a supportive network of like minded people. After all, research has proven that working out with others drastically increases the duration of the exercise when compared with working out alone.

6.  Fitness Professional

Finding the right fitness routine that suits your personality, body, and lifestyle can be hard. That’s why in 2017, turning to the professionals will be an important step for so many people. A professional trainer can evaluate specific goals and motivations in order to turn them into a reality through development of a personalized health and fitness plan. Trainers monitor progress, provide advice when needed, and are trained to reduce the risk of injury. Working with a hired professional is like having someone behind you every step of the way along your fitness journey.

7.  Yoga

Nothing new with the popularity of yoga, but this trend is only gaining momentum in 2017. No matter what exercise regime you prescribe to, yoga continues offer a wide variety of benefits from stretching to toning. It has been shown to decrease stress, increase blood flow, benefit sleep and help smooth out the digestive system. Yoga is the balance needed in any active lifestyle.

8.  Boxing

Boxing will only continue to build off of the popularity it experienced 2016. Many gyms are now offering beginner classes or boxing-cross classes to woo people who have never been interested in a fighting career. Nowadays, there is no pressure to step in the ring, since boxing has become more of an intense cardio workout rather than being a violent spectator sport.

9.  Workout Apps

Over the past decade or so, health and fitness is getting more and more expensive. This year, workout apps are helping to push back against expensive gym memberships and yoga passes. Now, a workout app is available to both inspire and coach you towards your goals no matter what your workout style. There are unlimited options available for a nominal fee and many are also free!

10.  Dance Cardio

Traditional workouts can be boring and anything but inspirational. That’s why there has been such an explosion of “non-workout” classes around the country, specifically dance cardio classes which are not only fun but can literally feel like a party. There is a dance class for everyone, whether you love choreographed options, or prefer a carefree style. Because dancing never feels like work, it’s a great way to trick yourself into getting in shape.


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