The Health Tips For A New Year That Will Keep You On Track

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From how to prevent bloating (finally) to the kitchen staple that can replace your face wash, these are the most buzzed-about wellness tips of the year gone by. This post from brings to you the 10 game-changing wellness tips that you’ll definitely want to follow in 2017.

Even if you’re not a resolutions person, the end of the year inevitably heralds in some serious self-reflection—along with a few ideas about what you want to focus on in the new year. (After all, loving yourself and striving to always improve aren’t mutually exclusive.)

Thankfully, whether you’re looking to banish bloating for good or finally handle your commute like a Buddhist, wellness influencers have dished some pretty powerful bits of advice over the past 12 months that can help.

To kick off 2017 on the healthiest note, consider these the hacks that are really worth your time. Think the budget-friendly pantry staple that doubles as a DIY cleanser, the science-backed way to improve your relationships, the surprising ingredient that revs up your metabolism, and more.

1. Eat based on your gut type

Gut health is super important—but not all gut problems are made equal. Being familiar with your bad habits and emotional profile can help you prevent issues like leaky gut syndrome (which is linked to everything from bloating to depression).

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2. Get emotionally fluent with your partner

Forget great sex or shared interests; one of the most important qualities in a good relationship is being able to voice your feelings.

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3. Try an infrared sauna for a fast—but powerful—full-body detox

Forget the green juice—for a speedy detox, sweating is the science-backed way to flush your system. Just ask Jennifer Aniston, who swears by the infrared heat’s reputed rejuvenating powers after her workouts.

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4. Say bye to bloating with a low-FODMAP diet

According to some experts, this big-in-Australia approach to eating is hands-down the best way to tackle your not-so-fun tummy drama.

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5. Replace your face wash with honey

Clears up acne? Check. Keeps skin moisturized? Check. Is cost-effective, multitasking, and easy to find? Check, check, and check.

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6. Be mindful on your way to work

Stop dreading your stressful commute by practicing this meditation technique (so you can kiss that grumpy traffic attitude goodbye).

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7. Eat more fat to jump-start your metabolism

If you don’t eat enough healthy fats, you may be sabotaging your ability to process food. (Yet another reason to stock up on avocados!)

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8. Exercise for 30 minutes every day

According to trainer-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson, getting sweaty for half an hour each day is essential—yes, even if you’re just going for a long walk.

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9. Got a headache? Drink lemon water

The beloved-by-celebs a.m.beverage that helps keep the body balanced also provides effective relief for migraines.

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10. Go on a sugar detox

Even taking a break from the sweet stuff for just three days can do wonders (think decreased inflammation and clearer skin—yes!). And don’t fret: There are super-delish dessert recipes that have no refined sugar in them, to help you through it.

Source: The best healthy tips and rules of 2016 | Well+Good

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