The 5 Reasons You Should Be Starting a Garden

starting a garden

Ever thought of starting a garden?

It seems like such a good idea to start growing your own food.  You’ve been thinking – “maybe I’ll grow some herbs on a windowsill”, or perhaps in your yard. It’s so much healthier, fun and can be quite easy.

To help inspire you to grab a shovel or build a chicken coop, here are 5 awesome reasons that will inspire you to grow your own food.

1. It Offers Deep Security

When you have the ability to source your basic needs directly from the earth (and cut out the grocery store middle man , you develop a self-confidence that is magnetic.   If you want to heal your root chackra, forget the deep squats or low tones in meditation.  When you get your fingers into the dirt and start pulling out potatoes you’ve grown from seed and – you’ll be grounded, yet empowered, beyond belief.

2. More Nutritious and Delicious

If you have only eaten ‘vegetables’ from grocery stores or restaurants – then your taste buds have been seriously deprived.  Awaken to the whole new world of taste that is awaiting you!  You’ll get back in touch with what deep nutrition is; just like the sense that wild animals have.  When you grow your own food, you get to eat food that was grown in rich soil and tended with love.  The sensations are priceless.

3. Toxin Free

The commercial food supply is toxic. Pesticides, hormones, herbicides, antibiotics, food coloring, preservatives…  Oh, and then there are GMO’s, confined animal operations, feedlots, and factory farms.  You are what you eat.  Do you really want to continue eating that stuff?

4. Availability

Almost all the food Americans eat is derived from just twelve  plant products.  Corn, wheat and soy being the big three.  And all commercial meat and dairy is essentially corn, wheat, and soy…. Or worse.  By growing your own you get to have all kinds of exotic fruits and rare vegetables.  Jujubee’s, paw paws, heirloom tomatoes, lambsquarters, purslane, pigeon, rabbit, goose, or goat, quil eggs, lilly tubers, the list goes on and on.  There are thousands of varieties of beans, pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes and other foods that will never make it to a grocery store for even a farmers market, but you can grow it in your backyard.

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5. Improved Health

Is there any doubt that eating commercially grown food causes obesity?  With 67% of Americans either overweight or obese – this trend has only exploded in the last thirty years or so.  It is just all too easy to put on pounds eating foods that have little or no nutrition or quality.  Growing your own food gives you relief from fattening processed foods and gets you outside with fresh air and gentle exercise.

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