Food, Medicine and The Millionaire Mindset

The millionaire mindset is what propels the rich into getting richer. People who are successful and wealthy understand this, and build from there.

There is an awakening happening in the West and in this generation. It’s not a Millennials-thing. It’s not a Baby-Boomers thing. Across all generations and backgrounds, people are remembering that, yes, we are our brothers’ keeper; that quality really, really matters to the point of life and death; and we reap rewards in buying responsibly.

If you like being paid not just bare minimum but well for your hard work, your time, skills and gifts, then you inherently believe that people are worth the cost; that we pay for more than just hours spent or materials used, but for that awesome person or team of laborers to thrive, just as you want to be paid well and thrive.

When you make a purchase, any purchase, you don’t just buy a product. You sow into your own future and other people’s lives…and that’s a good thing.

Your Money is Your Vote

Wherever you put your dollar, you put your vote. If you only ever buy the cheapest, you tell that company or distributor that you’re “a-okay” with however they cut corners. In fact, you tell them to please continue cutting those corners because that is the only place you will put your vote.

NEWS FLASH: Businesses exploit people to get you the best deal. Businesses also allow poisons into your food and natural healthcare items like herbs, nutritional supplements and essential oils. They’ll sell you rancid olive oil and harm the earth but slap a happy on it with a daily low price sticker, and we’re no one to point the finger if we knowingly support those business practices with our dollar and zero intent to change.

Though it may at first bite seem the most benign, I believe the greatest destruction of all is reaped upon our mindsets. We have created a culture of fear concerning money so that we cling to the dollars at the expense of everything else. Thankfully, we are waking up to the reality of depreciating returns, as buying cheap most often costs us in the end.

This is the quintessence of a poverty mindset—controlled by the fear of not having enough, we cling to seeds rather than plant them. It puts us in a cycle of poverty and penny-scraping, often eating more with less nourishment, literally and figuratively. This is how, sadly, the rich get richer and the poor stay poor because too many have become willing to harm ourselves (and others) for the immediate gratification of a cheaper price. But is that price really cheaper?

A Millionaire Mindset

Being sick, tired, offended and angry is a terrible high cost to pay, financially and otherwise. Chronic stress, alone, is a key factor in illness and dis-ease. Feeling negative just sucks. It’s not fully living. Furthermore, and this is not an article about spiritual realities or natural laws, but I submit to you that sowing and reaping is real and true. If you sow good seed into good ground, such as paying more because you care about your produce and your local organic farmer, you will reap good fruit in return.

Who knows what these new relationships will lead to? Who knows what opportunities you won’t miss because you’re feeling brighter and more energetic physically, and empowered emotionally? Good decisions are robust and pregnant. Rather than having negative “side effects,” they tend to bring side benefits that touch every part of you. And this is what some may call The Millionaire Mindset. People who are successful and wealthy understand this one thing: Get the best. Buy quality. Minimize waste. Feel great about your decisions. Build from there.

Or howsoever the principle of sowing and reaping plays out, it is one that I know from experience—works.

Test This Out

I had to learn the lesson, too. I’ve been “into” health and wellness and natural-everything for twenty years, but I was soft on the quality part. It turned out that all fruits and veggies were no longer being created equally (hello dawn of the GMO age). It turned out, too, that the FDA-approved food pyramid was way off, that our meat has been slowly and systematically making us sick, and not all essential oils are created equally. I recently thought that Tea Tree just didn’t work against my stubbornly blemish-prone skin, until I tried “the expensive” brand. And voila! It’s working wonders! Turns out the so-called “100% pure” one that was half the cost was a total waste of time and money (note that “pure” is an unregulated claim). Not only was it weak and im-potent (haha – couldn’t resist), but who knows what pesticides or other contaminants may have come with it. Yuck.

On the other hand, having done my own homework, shut out the hype, and begun incrementally making permanent changes for the better, I’ve discovered this shift is not only life-altering but healing—spirit, soul and body. And you will, too!

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

I want to close with this, and though I may be preaching to the choir, I hope you will share this article and, more importantly, this message openly. Some of us just need an extra push of encouragement to begin taking the risk and putting our money where our mouth is.

When you are considering your purchases and where to put your dollar-vote, please consider these points:

It costs companies money to maintain high standards through their supply chain to ensure quality, so you’re not wasting your money and health on their cut-corners.

It costs companies money to watch over their supply chain to ensure they are not supporting labor traffickers and inhumane business practices.

It costs companies money to pay at or above Fair Trade standards.

It costs companies money to provide ongoing training that builds not only their company, but builds the people that work for them.

It costs companies money to provide a clean, positive, healthy workplace.

It costs companies money to give their employees much needed paid sick days and vacations.

It costs companies money to CARE.

Will you use your dollar to vote more businesses do what is profitable for all?

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