Discover What Aztecs Called “The Food Of Immortality”

The Japanese have been long known for their longevity and reputation for living long-healthy lives. They also have the lowest incidences of cancer and coronary heart disease. What’s their secret?

The answer is squalene. The richest source of it is amaranth. It was originated in Greece over 6,000 years ago and discovered by the Aztecs, and was thought to contain supernatural qualities for health and vitality.

And just like the Japanese found to be true with consuming shark liver oil, the Aztecs believed that consuming this plant imparted increased energy and strength. The Aztecs even named it “The Food of Immortality”.

The seeds of two species belonging to the genus Amaranthus, collectively called Amaranth, are used for extracting Amaranth oil. The oil contains non-polar lipid compounds, especially unsaturated triglycerides. It has a light to medium color, an agreeable taste and aroma and is pourable even at low temperatures. It is an excellent source of omega fatty acids. Amaranth oil is commercially used in foods, shampoos, cosmetics, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, aromatics, rubber chemicals and surface active agents. Amaranth oil offers incredible health benefits, so let’s dive deeper and take a closer look at 10 key benefits of Amaranth oil.

#1 – Lung Cancer Prevention

It helps to prevent lung cancer development in individuals who are exposed to inhalation of smoke containing high amounts of tar substances. Oil extracted from Amaranth seeds contains as much as 8% squalene which is considered to be a very active anti-cancer substance. It is a basic component of the skin of human beings. Further, it does not only retain oxygen, but also feeds oxygen to organs. This is how it acts to prevent the multiplication of cancer cells.

#2 – Protection Against Environmental Stress

It is helpful in enhancing resistance against X-ray and radioactive irradiation and reducing adverse effects caused by toxic exhaust gases in areas where there is heavy vehicular traffic.

#3 – Healthy Cholesterol Levels

A daily ingestion of squalene (0.25 grams to 0.50 grams) helps to decrease blood cholesterol levels which in turn reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis as well as heart attack. Amaranth oil lowers LDL or bad cholesterol and increases HDL or good cholesterol level in the blood.

#4 – Brain Function

Regular use of Amaranth oil improves a person’s memory functions and mental performance. It also serves to improve the person’s resistance against psychological stress.

#5 – Immune System

Because amaranth oil is rich in squalene content, it improves the functioning of the immune system. Therefore, during times when there is a high incidence of infectious diseases it provides protection.

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#6 – Healthy Skin

Amaranth oil can be used for external and internal application. Squalene present in the oil helps to improve the skin’s biological qualities. It slows down the process of skin aging as well as wrinkle development. When it comes to slowing down the skin’s aging process, it is particularly useful to people who often expose themselves to aggressive external environment and adverse weather conditions. Studies indicate that the presence of high levels of linoleic acid in Amaranth oil contributes to a reduction in the loss of moisture from the outer most skin (trans-epidermal water loss). Moisture retention is vital to maintaining a healthy skin.

Amaranth oil can be applied to the skin as well as hair directly. It can also be used either as an excellent carrier or as active ingredient in hair or skin care products. The recommended dosage is around 3% to 10%.

#7 – Oxygenating Effect

Studies show that the active ingredient present in Amaranth oil is an unsaturated hydrocarbon and it has the ability to re-supply the cells with oxygen. An increase in cell oxygenation helps to boost the metabolic process and, therefore, the energy output at the cellular level.

#8 – Detoxification

Amaranth oil functions in tandem with the body’s detoxification system and provides protection against foreign substances that act to weaken or damage the body’s natural defense systems.

#9 – Antioxidant

As the active ingredient in Amaranth oil is easily absorbed across the cell membrane, it plays an important role in scavenging the free radicals from the cells of different body organs.

#10 – Healthy Cells

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) present in Amaranth oil are essential for virtually all body functions including maintaining the structure of the cell membrane, blood lipid levels, brain function, skin health, metabolic rate and the performance of the digestive organs.

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