This year: This or That?

This year : this or that

Being healthy is by far the best way to live.I have journeyed the road of getting well again. Although knowing how to get well is important, preventing sickness in the first place I think is the better option.

How do we Prevent sickness?
First, recognize you are totally responsible for your own health. I was just chatting with a new friend who believes and expects it is the doctor’s responsibility to ‘make them well’. The doctor generally doesn’t try finding the cause of the sickness so we can do the work to repair and eliminate that cause but rather he or she prescribes a drug to make the symptom and pain go away. Then we continue on doing the thing that made us unwell in the first place without heeding the pain’s warning saying something is wrong!

My body is just that. It is MY body and as soon as I understand and accept that, then I can say yes or no to any medical treatments, drugs or surgery offered by physicians. It isn’t that the doctor doesn’t want to help you. It is that they often are busy in their practice and are seeking out and learning about the next new drug. Then there always is another patient waiting to see them. Most student doctors in medical school haven’t even been exposed to the possibility of “natural” or “alternative” medicine. They are there to learn about the body’s functions and what drug or surgery does what.

I have a friend who breeds and races champion horses. I heard him say once when he was comparing his very expensive race horses to his health, “If you had a $2 million race horse, would you keep it up late? Give it a strong black coffee and a smoke for breakfast? Fast, greasy food for lunch and a sugar drink for an energy burst? Would you run it round and round the track relentlessly or would you give it breaks and a swim and a massage? We are so much more valuable than the race horse, but we don’t seem to understand that. We don’t treat our body as if it had any value at all!” Wow, how true is that?

The easiest thing is changing the diet. I have heard the saying, “It isn’t what you eat, but what is eating you that matters”. That is true, but it is also true that if you don’t eat foods to nourish and build healthy cells then the cells won’t be healthy. Looking at the food we consume and eating foods with the least “human interference” gives us a foundation for vitamins and minerals to be present and absorbed into our body. Drinking water to help the body cleanse and keep the bowels regular is imperative. And just as we “flush” the body of residue and toxins daily, we flush the mind of any toxins that need eliminating before we go to sleep!

Second, choosing faith instead of fear is a life-changing experience.Believing in a Higher Power and purpose supported me and gave me the strength to follow through with my chosen natural treatment. Prayer and meditation sustained me through the night and released the pain so I didn’t even need pain killers. Knowing and experiencing such love and acceptance gives a power that changes attitudes and habits and allowed me to create new habits and the desire to share “life” with others. Looking for the good, finding, believing and pursing our purpose changes the way we embrace each day. It is saying, “Who can I be a blessing to today?” instead of, “What is in it for me?” There is plenty “in it for me” when I simply receive a smile from a life I have touched. How about you? Whose life can you touch today in a positive, purposeful way?

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