A Guide for Clean Waters: Spa Maintenance Steps

spa maintenance

Every spa owner should be particular about one thing: cleaning their spa or hot tub regularly. Now, regularly does not mean every single day, but as frequently as listed in the user manual. Apart from that, whenever damage occurs, the owner should address it without any delays.

Take the filters, for example. When a spa filter breaks or does not function properly, scum starts forming on the surface of the water. The water inside the hot tub remains dirty. Then the water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, making it unfit for soaking in. This is why cleaning spa filters and replacing them as needed, is so necessary.

A spa filter’s basic function is keeping the water free of waste and microorganisms. However, a single filter cannot function for years without maintenance and replacement.

Here is what you ought to do.
The first step that you must take is cleaning the spa or hot tub filters properly. Cleaning is not just about spraying water on the filters with a hose. That is simply not enough. Clean them properly using a pressurized spray and soak them frequently in a cleaning solution.

Another thing you should do to keep the spa filters clean is keeping your water chemistry balanced and not over chlorinating. Chlorine is a harsh chemical. If you use too much in your spa water, it can wear out the filters more quickly than normal.
Take care of the bather load. The higher the bather load, the more frequently cleaning is required. This is because when a lot of people use the spa, there is more organic waste, such as dead skin, accumulating.

It also is important to replace the spa filters regularly according to the schedule in your owner’s manual. Pick your replacement filters wisely. Maintaining the balance of the water also is important.

The filters are an extremely important part of a hot tub or spa. Their function is keeping the spa water clean. When these parts experience a disturbance, the entire machinery becomes useless. Therefore, it is important to provide timely maintenance to the filters.


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