Unleash The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind holds many answers that we are seeking for. The question is how do we learn what it’s hiding. How do we unleash the power of our subconscious mind?

A strange technology was discovered 30 years ago by an Australian called David John Oates, it has been used to treat all number of issues both physical and mental, praised by Doctors, Psychologists and Professors around the world, it saw David invited to work with researchers from the White House, CIA and Naval Intelligence.

Based on his findings that the human voice like many aspects of the human body is bi-functional, for example the eye first see’s things upside down, reversing the image in the retina to provide the image we see and interpret, so too speech can be heard both forwards and in reverse.

The reversed element of our speech reflects not what is spoken outwardly but instead communicates our deepest thoughts, our true thoughts, directly from the subconscious mind.

How do we find and listen to this reversed speech?

During his research David has discovered that any segment of a conversation when recorded and played backwards will reveal perfectly audible forward spoken words and phrases in amongst the gobbledegook you would typically hear.

This phenomena occurs every 20 seconds.

The words and phrases revealed do based on his research and work with tens of thousands of clients over the last 30 years represent our inner most feelings.

Here’s an example:

We might meet in the street and I might extend my hand to you and say:

“Hi, great to see you, how are you, how’s the family” etc etc

If that conversation was reversed it may well reveal words or phrases to indicate my true feelings and thoughts, for example:

“I don’t like you, why are you here”

By speaking to his clients and comparing the forward and the backward speech plus their feelings about the topic discussed David has discovered that the backward speech does in fact reflect those deep inner thoughts and feelings!

I’m sure you can see how powerful this could be.

By discussing issues in certain areas of their life David’s clients are able to identify the exact negative programming and destructive patterns, either learned or ancestral (karmic) that are stopping them achieving the outcome they desire.

Then through a specific and very unique 7-step process David is able to then identify the solution to that problem, block or negative belief and completely remove it.

There are no ongoing techniques to use, there’s no need to use triggers.

All you need to do is speak!

I was fascinated by this and wanted to find out more, so I’ve arranged for one of David’s partners to present a special webinar to explain exactly how this really works…

  • What it can do for you
  • How it can transform your life
  • And show us case studies of the results experienced by David’s clients

This is the perfect time of year to learn about this exciting new technology.

Who needs New Years Resolutions when you can transform your life effortlessly!

I invite you to join me on Thursday 9th January at 8PM EST… I promise you it’s one not to miss

Simply click the link below to secure your spot.


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