5 Reasons Why Organizing Your Life is Good for Your Brain Health

5 Reasons Why Organizing Your Life is Good for Your Brain Health

The Mental Health Foundation states that psychiatric problems are among the chief reasons behind overall global disease burden. The same source also reveals that one in six people has suffered from common mental health issues in the past week.

To this end, it is essential to maintain your brain health as best you can. Typically, mental concerns don’t obey boundaries and can victimize anyone at any time. Organizing your life is a good step toward optimizing the brain’s well-being. A braintest review highlights several aspects advocating the positive effects that being organized can have on your brain.

Here are five reasons that organizing your life is good for your mental well-being:

1. Sharpens Focus

Whether it is a cluttered office desk or a piling laundry bag, the impact always results in a declined focus. Neuroscientists at Princeton University compared the performance of individuals in both an organized and an unorganized environment.

brain health sharpens focus

They found out that physical clutter in the vicinity seeks attention, which results in soaring stress levels and declining performance. A place that is floating with disorganized items results in overloading of the senses, thus adding to the stress. Subsequently, clutter hampers you from creative thinking. On the flip side, in an organized environment, you are able to have an enhanced focus.

2. Boosts Your Productivity

Shrinking focus corresponds to a reduced ability to process information. Such a dip in concentration is further exacerbated by untidy surroundings. Loose items that take up space are distracting. Research confirms that such an overload of misplaced items impacts the visual cortex, consequently interrupting the brain’s potential to process information.

brain health boost productivity

Therefore, by organizing your items, you’re able to polish your productivity, which allows you to show the best results in your work life. In addition, Eva Selhub, M.D., highlights, “When you’re organized at work, you’re more productive and efficient, which means you’re able to finish at a reasonable time and go home.”

3. Reduces Stress

A house that is overflowing with littered or inappropriately placed items also saps your mood. A study outlines that women who describe their homes as “cluttered” are more likely to be tired and depressed. Moreover, these women also exhibit ballooning levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

brain health reduces stress

Researchers agree that an endless to-do list and disorganization promote increased cortisol, which culminates in poor health, sleep, mood, and more. Therefore, organizing your life helps keep you happier, which is a boost that your brain deserves.

4. Helps You Sleep Better

Less than 40% of the Americans fetch the recommended hours of z’s. If you fall into this category, then it is critical to clear up the mess that dots your surroundings immediately. A National Sleep Foundation survey outlines that 19% of people who made their beds in the morning daily reported slumbering well.

sleep on your left

Furthermore, 75% of folks in the survey also claimed that they got restful sleep when the sheets were clean and fresh. The Huffington Post reports that a disordered bedroom can be stressful for the mind even if a person doesn’t feel so. It drains your precious sleep. Thus, decluttering and getting organized is your ticket to a good night’s sleep, which is critical for the brain’s recharge.

5. Enhances Energy

An organized life also improves brain health by boosting your energy reserves. WebMD recommends organizing as an essential energy booster. For instance, by achieving a clutter-free worktop, you will be able to charge your batteries quickly. In fact, your entire day passes energetically.

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Clutter piles are also blamed for wasting your time. A mess-free life also allows you to be more in control of matters. Places, where things are strewn about, are overwhelming and make you believe that you cannot accomplish things. On the other hand, a neat and clean space puts you in charge of matters, which shores up your confidence.

Summing up, organizing your life is a healthy dose for your brain. A place that is thrown into disorder is off-putting and kindles stress. Such a condition envelops your mind in depression and blues, takes down your focus, and reduces your productivity. However, a clutter-free zone lowers the levels of stress hormones and uplifts your mood. It also encourages productivity and allows you to think creatively. An organized area also lets you rest well.

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