Stressed Out? Practice Detachment & Laugh At Yourself!


The things that happen to you, and around you, can be upsetting. Next time you get upset try laughing at yourself. Say, for instance, you are having a hard time losing that extra 10 pounds you are carrying, and you are stressing over it. Become aware of how much time and energy you put into thinking about the extra weight, and trying to lose it. Now recognize that perfectionist part of you, and laugh. Keep laughing, and think about all the time you now have available to put into something more worthwhile and meaningful.

Laughing at yourself just means you are laughing at the notion of something mattering in the grand scheme of things. It means the negative energy that was adding fuel to the fire can be diffused. Once you can laugh at what is causing you stress, then you create the opportunity to accept the situation. It is what exists for the time being. The things that are out of your control such as traffic, the length of your hair, or someone calling you back, must be released from your mind, which is attempting to control them. If you are unhappy with how your body feels or looks, then focus on healthy food, and thoughts and activities that promote your well-being. Eating healthy and working out just to lose weight is a bore, and can seem like torture. Instead, eat and move your body to feel good. As long as you are focused on your well-being, your body will take care of itself. Wellness begins with self-love and self-acceptance, and is accelerated with the ability to laugh at yourself.

Going away to a silent meditation retreat, or to a Buddhist center, is a great way to learn how to observe your mind and detach from your thoughts. Happiness is a state of mind. Practice your meditation every minute of your waking days, especially when your life, home, work or body is not how you would like it to be. Detaching from the thoughts causing you stress is the key to happiness.

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