Messages from Spirit – A Path to Happiness

There comes a time in your life when you need to be retrospective; a time to heal the past events to enable you to move successfully into your chosen future direction.

My opportunity came in the 1990s when I met an amazing lady, Christine. She specialized in Soul Therapy, which involved transforming negative aspects of your life into positives. Gradually, we worked through my issues and I was finally free of the effects of the negative events in my life. Life seemed brighter and I felt lighter. It was like a transformation!

During the period of those enlightening sessions with Christine, I awoke one night quite startled as I knew I just had received a message from Spirit. The message was “We want you to do readings with us”! I sat bolt upright in bed asking myself if I had just imagined what I heard? I told myself not to be so silly and went back to sleep.

When I awoke and remembered my experience, I resolved to get clarification from Christine. When I rang and told her of my revelation, she was very, very excited! She confirmed it was indeed a request from the spiritual world! I was in total amazement!

The result is several books of “Messages From Spirit” that just sit on the shelf, unread by anyone apart from myself and a few close friends. I have decided it is time for me to share the insights that have helped me along my path and also to share how I could help others who crossed that path.

Here is my first offering to you. May you be blessed with the integrity of these words as I was! They are a gift and I pass that gift to you!

Excerpt from Message June 1998 – “Consider this idea — We are all one! If this is so, why is there division in the world? Fear and hatred is the root cause of all evil. How do we rid the world of these negative aspects? The answer is love, of course, but how do we actually bring this into being? Simply, by being love! If we expect it of others, we must first of all be full of love ourselves. How do we do that? You must be able to put yourself into other people’s shoes and feel what they are feeling, without judgment. Do not feel sorry for them in any way, but without attachment feel what they feel. Then you can understand and act accordingly.

Reassure them you know how they feel and that it is okay for them to feel that way; that is acceptance. People need acceptance, to feel good about themselves. If they feel good about themselves, the right decisions will be made and they will be putting out positive thoughts. Voila! A contented person who will go on with their life, positively affecting the next person and so we have the chain reaction, which is spreading the love!”

A theme started to emerge about the importance of the chain reaction. The lesson will continue in the next excerpt from “Messages From Spirit”.  Contemplate how you can live your life being the love that you are and at the same time being a positive role model for others.


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