Your Hidden Superpower #1: WORDS

Do you know that when you speak, your body is listening? The words you say have meaning and resonance in your body-and a health consequence.

Studies have shown that your tone, volume and meaning is immediately registered in your cells and moves you either towards vibrance and harmony OR towards disease.

Whether you say: “I feel like crap” or “I’m so tired” or “I always have back pain” or “My bad knee,” your body logs that in and produces the corresponding result.
The other interesting thing about your words is:

According to your body, YOU are the world’s leading authority on EVERYTHING!

YES! That means no matter how much evidence there is the world is round, if you keep repeating: “The world is flat,” you will continue experiencing it that way.

How do you know if you are misusing this superpower??? Easy. You will have repeated struggles and pain around a particular issue such as:

  • Pain in your body
  • Not enough time or energy
  • Struggles with money
  • Challenges in a relationship

Just begin to notice what you are saying about this issue. You will become aware of exactly what I’m talking about!

Try it:
1. Breathe three deep breaths and bring your attention into your body.

2. Say out loud or to yourself: “I am amazing and everything is working out for me.”
Monitor how you feel.

3. Now, say the words: “I hate my life and I will never make it.”
Feel your body.

-There is a chemical and emotional consequence!
(Let’s end on a high!!)

4. Tell yourself: “No matter what, Life is on my side and I can always Trust my body!”
Breathe this message in to integrate it fully in your body.

How was that??!
I would love to hear from you about your experience strengthening your Mind-Body connection!!

Since you are the leading expert on your body, just imagine what things you can change when you master this superpower!!!

I’ve seen magic happen, from reversing disease to healing troubled relationships to patients getting off medications after years of depression. And it was all when there seemed to be no way of making this happen.

Everything is possible.
Sending love,
-Dr. Kim

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