Raising Children: Face Challenges with Patience

raising children

Raising children is a challenging experience, and unique to each child. BeWellBuzz covers the ways you can face challenges with your kids patiently.

When we are faced with family challenges, if we are patient, calm and persistent, we can overcome the barriers that are causing the problems. Be Patient. 

Most of the time we try finding a “quick fix” to resolve whatever the issue is and move on to the next thing in our lives. But it does not work that way. In this case, going slowly is faster.

When you are dealing with individual emotions and feelings, no one is right or wrong, so being patient and trying to find a win/win situation may take some time to make things right. But most of the time, people do not take the time.            

They argue the point, trying to force their opinion onto the other, and things only get worse. Being patient and implementing feeling questions always will create an environment for peaceful solutions.

Try asking, “How do you feel about that?” or “Why do you feel that way?” or “I feel that you are hurting me when you say that.” Do that instead of saying, “Just do it, okay?” or “I know what I am doing; why do you question me?” or “That way is stupid. Do it this way.”

If our friends are acting strangely, we tend to ignore them and not say too much. But when our family acts strangely, we say things and even fight for our point of view, not caring if we hurt them and then possibly regretting it later. 

You can be patient in many ways. One of the best for me is having the inner knowledge that everyone progresses at their own pace. Some people learn after their first mistake. Others might take a few more tries before it sinks into their belief system that they need to change something within themselves.

So people keep making the same mistakes and the lesson keeps getting more difficult to master until they “get it”. The universe will be relentless to those who will not listen.

So I have learned to support my family when they are down, encourage them when they are up and leave it to the universe to administer the “hard knocks” of life to guide them on their journey.

It is my trusted faith that the universe will deliver this every time and all I need to do is have the patience that all will be well in the end. It is this “no doubt” belief that produces my inner patience without having to mentally and physically convince myself that I need to take my time when dealing with my immediate and extended family’s happiness.

This is where the term “what will be, will be” came about as well as “patience is a virtue.” Having the faith that you do not control your destiny in life but only the path and road that takes you there is what you really should accept. It’s the inner peace that creates your inner patience; that all will be well in its own good time.

I would like to say I was not always a patient man. My challenge is I now have accumulated patience with my family, but I struggle to deal with it in myself.  

I am constantly trying to make things happen when and how I want them to happen. I have to continually remind myself that this is the hard road. I need to back off, be aware of any signs to take immediate action, relax and let the universe work out the details. I need to get out of my own way, as they say.

Once I do this, I find I feel very peaceful, and joy surrounds me with what will be will be, and it usually is. But it is your ego that always will want to interfere and make you do it your own way, when and whenever you choose, no matter what. Remember, be patient within your family and see it unfold the way you would like.

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