Manifesting Love Into Your Life

manifesting love

We can harness the momentum of change to build empathy across barriers, as a means of manifesting love & hope in our lives. This post from reveals how to leverage common human bonds to spread love, hope, and joy.

Change is the only constant we have, other than our connection to each other as living, breathing humans. And as long as we focus on the things that divide us rather than the things that bind us, we will not be reaching our full potential as humans or citizens of this country. While some of us may feel more excited and some more scared, we are all united in our hope for our brighter tomorrow. But unless we act, hope is all it will ever be.

find-love-by-finding-yourself_ebook-coverMoments of major change are also moments of great opportunity. No matter what side of the line we’re on, this changing of the guard is a chance to effect positive change and to offer the people around us more generosity, kindness, and patience. But we have to take action.

We are at the precipice of an enormous opportunity. We can either use this as an excuse to spread hate, judgment, and divisiveness, or as a chance to spread love, hope, and joy.

Continuing to love no matter what isn’t easy, but it’s always worthwhile.

This story illustrates how we can best face that challenge.

Once, a master and his student were walking to the monastery. Along the way, they came upon a bridge where there was a drunk and vile man. As soon the monk saw this man, he said to his teacher, “That is an evil man, Master, we should go to another crossing.”

The Master replied, “No, everything will be fine.”

As they approached the bridge, they were assaulted by the drunk, evil man. “You Buddhist pigs! Get, you pigs! I hate you filthy pigs…”

The Master replied, “Oh kind Buddha, thank you for your benevolence. Thank you for your kindness! Oh kind Buddha, thank you for showing us the path!”

The drunk replied, “Oh, shut up, you dirty pigs and get off my bridge!”

Master: “Yes, benevolent Buddha!”

Finally they crossed the bridge to the other side. The monk said to the master, “ Master, I’m so confused. That was a horrible man called you the worst names! He called us pigs! He is the pig! He is vile!”

The master said, “It is very simple, my student. Have pig inside, see pig everywhere. Have Buddha inside, see Buddha everywhere!”

Imagine what would happen if we eradicated hate and judgment and replaced them with love and acceptance. That’s the kind of world we’re all hoping for.

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