Do we know why we are sick?

“People generally know the cause of their illness, consciously or subconsciously. They just choose not to respond to the messages of the illness, because that would require inconvenient changes. Many patients remain in denial of an unhealthy situation and choose not to change it, because they feel it is either too difficult or there is too much at stake. These denials can persist for days, months or years. It is indeed challenging to question one’s habits, belief system, past actions, etc. Most people can’t see their problem. This is why symptoms manifest in the first place. However, it is easy for those same people to see other people’s problems.

Symptoms and diseases become amplified until, sooner or later, a change is being forced through circumstances – which are, in fact, a mirror of our internal processing. It is not the weather or the government or some mean virus that forces us, it is ourselves who choose to force the issue.

How do we know what our issues are? In general, the situation we want to avoid the most tends to be the one that needs the most attention.

It is very important not to be put down by the interpretation of an illness. Illness is a tool that can be used creatively. Once we learn to work with it instead of against it, the internal conflicts will disappear. Symbolic messages are reflective mirrors designed to help us recognize the problem, fix it and grow. “

From “The Perfect Order of Illness”

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