The Beginning Meditation Techniques That You Need to Know

meditation techniques

One of the most beneficial things to relieve stress is meditation. This post from Family Focus Blog shares meditation techniques beginners will find helpful.

We have all been there.  One kid can’t find his shoe, another is having a bad hair day, breakfast has not happened yet, and the clock is telling me that we should have left the house ten minutes ago.  I have begun to ratchet up the volume of my voice to motivate the troops.  The troops (kids) are not inspired to move faster, they are stressed, and so am I.  I have had many overwhelming mornings like this one.  I needed a different approach.  One of the most beneficial things I have discovered to relieve stress is meditation.  I am not exactly a “sit in stillness” person, but with a little research and practice I found some meditation techniques beginners will find useful.  Here is what works for my kids and I.

Meditation Techniques Beginners Will Find Helpful

  • Shake out the body.  Find a comfortable seated position that is upright. I encourage my kids to sit with me in a circle.
  • Begin to focus on breathing in order to slow it down.  Breathe in through the nose.  Let the oxygen expand your abdomen, not lungs.
  • Watch every thought as it moves through your head.  Don’t focus on ignoring the thoughts.  Acknowledge them and move on.
  • Start small.  Children are not going to be able to sit still for 30 minutes straight (honestly, I can’t either). Five minutes is a good start.

Meditate To Relieve Stress

Meditation is like a muscle.  If you practice it, you’ll have strengthened muscle that will help you handle life’s ups and downs.  My reaction to everyday stress shifts in a measureable way.  I find that I am able to breathe and not react negatively.

A Baltimore school replaced classic detention with meditation.  The benefits included a bump in attendance and grades.  The kids reported feeling happier and less aggressive.  According to Forbes, mindfulness also help during “high-stakes” testing.  The students experienced better attention, self-awareness, and reduced anxiety.

Am I a serene yogini sitting tranquilly in a field?  Absolutely not.  I do feel more present and aware of my actions.  The stress is still there, I am just shifting how we react to it.  I hope you will be able to use some of these meditation techniques beginners will find useful for your family.

Source: Meditate To Relieve Stress And Meditation Techniques Beginners Will Find Helpful – Family Focus Blog

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