Message From Spirit – Be Honest

be honest

In life’s equation where do you fit regarding honesty? Are you always honest or sometimes honest? Be honest!

There are many situations where being honest comes to the fore. Some of these are when you are shopping, dealing with others, business transactions, relationships and a relatively new area – the internet!

When shopping, instances arise where you are given choices about being honest. The cashier makes a mistake in your favour. You notice it, but do you turn a blind eye or do you point the mistake out to her?

At the self-serve checkout, have you ever deliberately punched in the wrong item to be weighed at a lower price? Apparently, this happens all the time! Turning the coin, do you point out when they have made a mistake and you have been overcharged? Do you let it go because you are not confident to have your say?

What about occasions which see you telling “little white lies” because you really don’t want to do something? If friends ask you to do something or invite you to an event, are you honest in your answers? Do you give feeble excuses or tell the truth? There is definitely a gray area in truth and honesty!

Are you in business or have you had an experience where you have been taken for a ride, so to speak? Have you ever taken advantage of customers or clients by overcharging? Have you tricked them into signing documents, knowing there is a clause which will “ get them” down the track? Have you disappointed a client by changing your mind or going with a better offer? Business transactions can be ruthless. Where do you stand?

Relationships are a good test for honesty. Do you always tell the truth or do you bend it to suit your needs? If you are married, are you living up to your vows? Do you keep lots of things to yourself? Are you being honest with yourself regarding your relationship with your partner? Is it still serving both of you? Are you staying together because you think you should? In relationships, honesty is a very broad subject. Just take a moment and think about your relationships. How do you rate in the honesty area? Can you improve your rating?
The internet has different aspects, but we will focus today just on social media. Do you represent the real you or just a facade you project because you can? Are your views honest or are you just going along with the crowd? Do you just want to be accepted or are you strong enough to go with your heart and be you? Have you ever wondered if someone may benefit from your differing opinion? It may be enlightening! You may just change the life of another because you were willing to step out of the square and be vulnerable. What would it take for you to be you 100 percent of the time?

In a constantly changing world, it’s up to the individual to stand up and be counted! Be strong in who you are and be happy! Do not tolerate dishonesty. Say something or take action. Move your business elsewhere if you feel it is warranted. Listen to your heart and go with your feelings. Honesty generates honesty! Do your part to make the world a more honest place.

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