Message From Spirit – Giving Away Your Power

Every year after “The Mind Body Spirit Festival” in Melbourne, Australia, a Psychic Medium named John Paul Sutton comes to stay with me for a few days. His specialty is “Wax Art Readings.”

Friends and acquaintances book in for a session and receive their own Wax Painting and Reading. Each year John is amazed at the common theme which runs through each reading. This year the theme was “Giving Your Power Away.” I asked Spirit for some insight into this topic.

“In order to feel empowered, one needs to be in control of their life. In many situations people, mainly women, become enslaved in their own family network.  There seems to be an expectation they will cover every happening or situation, no matter what it is! This often leads to resentment and frustration.

In farming communities, women are expected to be there as a backup, day and night. There are mouths to feed, machinery to pick up, bills to be paid, animals to care for, workers to be organized, etc. All this is part of the job requirements for a farmer’s wife!

Most times wives choose to move in another direction as well as being a wife. This is often ridiculed and judged harshly because they will not be there when needed.

When do the expectations become too much? What can you do about it if you find yourself in this situation?

Everyone needs to follow their intuition to live a fulfilling life. Any gnawing resentment and unhappiness can lead to dissatisfaction in a marriage and eventually can lead to serious illness and disease.

The answer is to speak up! Take your power back by explaining the situation from your point of view and taking action. Insist on cooperation rather than domination, consideration rather than indifference and the big one – insist on being allowed to be who you really are!

Sometimes after many years of marriage and subservience to a husband a woman feels lost. She has just spent more than 20 years giving, giving, giving and she has forgotten how to give to herself.

There comes a time when a woman needs to relearn to honour herself by spending time alone. She needs to recognize her goodness, to contribute and find her self worth. It is so very, very important.

If this sounds like you, do what you can to feel whole again. Learn to say “No” to others and “Yes” to yourself. You will still be a gift to your family, but in a completely different way. Isn’t it time for you to discover the real you?”

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