What has a Healthy Mindset and Imagination got to do with Happiness?

To ensure you have a healthy life, you must adopt a healthy mindset. It is my view you must prioritize your health with the mind first and the body second.
The way you develop a healthy mindset is constantly feeding your brain positive and powerful information. You can do this by way of self development books, workshops, seminars, mentors and even teaching.

One of the best ways to learn is teaching because it magnifies and solidifies what you have learned by putting the information into practice.

So, if you want a healthy mindset, practice as many of these suggestions as you can. I, myself, have been a sponge for many different ways to constantly soak up as much as possible to expand my mind. I am willing and open to finding new and healthy mindset goals.

Repetition is the key to making sure all the knowledge you receive stays in your mind for your reference when it is needed.

You will find most of the self development industry experts, at the core, really are sharing all the same information and message, except they transform it in their own individual style.

I dare say that you, the reader, have in one way or another, in the course of your life, tried to master or perfect something new. To achieve this, it was necessary to practice and repeat the training sessions or lessons by studying the information over and over again.

Even athletes repeat their practice sessions until they become habitual behaviors.

This is what it takes to develop a healthy mindset; repetitive behavior, in many ways as possible, until it becomes your habitual behavior. I know, because this is what happened to me.

I was once told, many years ago, that I could become a teacher in an area where I would be helping people with their issues. I was told if I studied, researched, and explored this possibility, I would become very successful.

I was told it would be something I would enjoy and I would feel I had a purpose in life. At the time, I did not do anything about it.  I was in the music industry and I just shrugged it off.

But as my life began to deteriorate, I was searching for answers.

I came across the self development industry. I started reading my first book, “How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, which changed my life forever. It started me on a quest to know as much as possible from this industry that helped save my life.

I was developing a very healthy mindset and very quickly. A few hundred books, seminars, workshops, mentors and teachings later, here I am living and enjoying a balanced life of which I could only have dreamed.

So as strongly as I know how, it is this I am encouraging you to do if you wish to find the answers you always have sought, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you expand your knowledge you will expand your mindset. But what if I told you imagination is more important than knowledge? Not sure if you agree?

Unfortunately, it was not me who was credited with saying this; rather, it was the most intelligent person who ever lived, Albert Einstein. This great man said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” because without imagination, nothing would ever be invented, improved or conquered.

Whatever exists today must first have been imagined in someone’s mind. It was the follow up, with an investigation into how to bring the idea into reality, that produced the things we have and enjoy today.

There are so many examples of this. Can you imagine living centuries ago, when everyone believed the world was flat and if you went far enough you would fall off the edge? Then you hear that someone believed the world was round and you could circumnavigate the globe without dropping off the edge?

Everyone thought Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer, was insane because of his imaginary ideas. But history tells us he was not.

Can you imagine someone telling the world, “One day, I will fly like a bird in a contraption that will carry me across the lands safely,” in the days when everyone believed “flying was just for the birds”?

Everyone thought the Wright Brothers were insane, too. What about when Thomas Edison imagined the use of electric light bulbs all over the world?

What do you think they were saying when all the streets and households at the time were viewing the night with candles on a stick? I mean really, Mr. Edison was suggesting that one day, all you would need to do is flick on a switch and there would light. Everyone was screaming, “Are you insane?” Yet we have it.

Of my three examples, I have left this one until last because it is the most “out there”.

What if two cavemen were looking up into the night sky and one said to the other, “One day I will build a spaceship and land on the moon?” I guess no one has the right to destroy someone else’s imagination by ridiculing or degrading that person’s dream.

Use your imagination to heal yourself, to keep yourself alert and to keep your mental health strong. The scientists say, “Use it or lose it.”

Sitting in front of a television set three to four hours a night will not give you a mind of which you will be proud, nor benefit you in any way except for entertainment value. It only stops you from having to think for yourself. I am not suggesting eliminating viewing your favorite shows and films completely, but just be aware of how much television you are watching per day.

With this strategy, maybe you can stop answering with the excuse that you do not have enough time to do this or that when asked why you are not chasing what you want in your life.

These days, I not only watch only one hour per night (sometimes one hour over two nights), I refrain from reading or listening to the news, as there seems to be quite a lot of sad and negative stories every single night. I do not want to influence my mind with that sort of poisonous information.

As the 1970s Australian musical band Skyhooks once penned, “Horror Movie, it’s the 6:30 news.” There is no need for me to be exposed to this every day. My family and friends always are telling me what is happening in our current affairs. Experience the happy life you want with a healthy mindset.

Until next time, may all good things happen to you.

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