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live the life you wanted

How to create the life you want!

Do you remember what you dreamed of being when you were a kid? There is an ad on TV at the moment with kids saying, “When I grow up I want to be…” And each kid says something different, expressing their unique desire. However, often the dreams of childhood get lost along the way when reality hits and the price we have to pay to achieve those dreams seems to be beyond our reach. Kids at school or our siblings can make fun of us and our dream, our parents say that wouldn’t be possible for us, or teachers can say we aren’t capable of achieving that. However, it really is interesting how many successful people were told by someone in authority in their life that they weren’t cut out to be what they dreamed of.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Walt Disney was told his idea was crazy. The CEO of IBM said there never would be a need to have a computer in every home.

And there are so many more we could recall.

Why is it people attempt to negate another’s dream? Perhaps it is because these ‘negators’ don’t understand the heart and power of a dream. They don’t understand the passion that comes when one is absolutely committed to achieving what he believes is his purpose for being on the planet.

As a life coach, I meet so many people who have settled for “less” than they would love to be, do and have. They have accepted the status quo because that is what they have been programmed to believe is their limit. But they look out, longing at the “what if’s” of life, wondering if they ‘could have’ and then saying that they ‘should have’ and, worst of all, in the later years of their life, ‘if only’.

If I could be more, should I? If I could do more, should I? If I could have more, should I? What would give my life more meaning and ‘juice’? What legacy would I like to leave when it is time for me to exit this life?

When I answer those questions, then I need to ask, “Am I willing to pay the price? Am I willing to face the obstacles that absolutely will occur, and find a way to conquer them? Do I want to go through the effort to bring about that growth? Do I want to risk?”

Would I have lived an authentic life if I chose to please others instead of following my dream? If I did achieve my burning desire, what would that allow me to do that I can’t do now? What would I be able to give? Who would I become in the pursuit of these dreams? Would I be content with myself if I didn’t give these dreams a go? Could I be truly happy and content with myself if I made excuses? What excuse am I willing to accept that is bigger than my dream? Could I be proud of achieving my dream? Would achieving my dream help others or cause harm? What really motivates me?

When I’m 80 and I looking back on my life… Will it be all that I wanted it to be? Will I have any regrets?

These are answers that no one else can give for you. You have to do it for yourself because success is an inside job.

Remember you never will regret taking chances only missing opportunities.

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