Family Love is The Meaning of Life

family love

Connection with those you care about is everything– your family is where you feel loved! Family love is the center of all humankind!

One of the most rewarding goals you can achieve is constantly connecting with your family.

I know many of you are saying, “Not if you knew my family, you wouldn’t.”

Well, I have heard of many of “those families” and you will be surprised how things change when you look at things differently.

As one of my mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer, says frequently, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

A friend of mine once said to me he rarely speaks to his father and brother, as they leave him feeling down and upset, and he does not want to feel that way. His father always puts him down and his brother is not honest and has no respect for anyone or anything.

I said to my friend no one can make you feel anything without your permission. You must be able to say to yourself, “Whatever you think of me is none of my business.”

That includes family, friends and anyone who wants to make you feel guilty or upset. No need to explain yourself and no need to complain.

So with this in mind, I suggested to my friend it is important as a human being to have a connection with your family, any connection, to maximize your chances of having a balanced, happy life.

Now, that does not mean you must have a close relationship with all of your direct family members, but it does mean some sort of regular contact, even if it is for just fifteen minutes. He did not agree with me, as he could not see any benefit from doing such a thing. I asked him to try, as he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so he did.

What I encouraged him to do was call and, when his father began putting him down, just completely ignore the comments and continually change the subject, always making it a positive conversation.

I also told him that, when he could not stand it anymore, just to say good-bye for now and tell him you love him.

After my friend did this, I asked him how he felt afterwards. He was quite pleasantly surprised. He not only felt warm inside, he also felt empowered, as he was not allowing his father to control his behavior anymore. I asked him how long he spoke with his father and he said about ten minutes.

But it was a good conversation, one which left his father feeling uncomfortable instead of him. After awhile, his father reduced his negative comments dramatically and began praising my friend.

I strongly encouraged him to apply the same technique with his brother and he reported the same results.

Now my friend felt a deeper connection with his family, which he had not felt for a long time. He shared with me that he sensed an extra glow in his life and the experience made him a happier person.

Why? Because every human being, whether they know it or not, needs to have some form of connection with their direct family members to get to the next level of being fulfilled in this journey we call life.

I am not saying you have to spend a great deal of time with relations you do not like or direct your energy to change them, but I am saying you must create some.

Whether it be five minutes, ten minutes or even two hours, only you can be the judge of that. Invest time with your family and see what the outcome brings. You, too, might be pleasantly surprised.

That was one of the main reasons why I left Tasmania and returned to Melbourne. Once I found out this information, it made complete sense to me. I took action myself and, for quite awhile now, have enjoyed being close to my direct family. It has to make sense to you for you to take action on anything; otherwise, you will be caught up in procrastination.

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