Why Is Loyalty Important to Friendship


A friend needs to be loyal. No matter what you do or say, he or she needs to be loyal, keep your best interests at heart and inform you if you are being good or bad.

If you are not behaving appropriately, he or she needs to tell you. If you are, he or she needs to tell you that also. He or she not only should tell you what you want to hear, he or she should tell you what you don’t want to hear.

In other words, he or she should be honest with you all the time. A loyal friend will not support you if you are wrong. He or she will encourage you to see things in a positive and constructive manner together with causes and reasons.

He or she will protect your interests and concerns by differentiating what is right and what is wrong. Your loyal friends are different from ordinary friends because, although they may not always be right, they have a good reason to be supportive and fundamental. A loyal friend might not agree with you all the time, but he or she still wants you to know the truth.

Loyal friends are impartial regarding race, religion, colour and social standing. True friends will love you for who you are and what you stand for. The best way to get to learn their thoughts is to observe the way they respond to you.

Most people who have a mixture of friends who are multi-cultural, and whom they admire and care about, are not concerned about where they come from but who they are inside. If you find someone like that, you know he or she is worth knowing.

The difference between an average and a loyal friend is the support and care they provide. True and loyal friends unconditionally will want the best for you and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

You both will help each other grow and be dependable in good times and in bad, instead of being jealous. They won’t ask for anything in return. You should make it your quest to know the difference between an average and a loyal friend. Then you can create a group of people who will make your life happier just by their being around.

To be loyal takes a commitment from all who wish to be part of that friendship. They must be willing to do so without any payback and without taking the friendship for granted. If you find a friend is not helping you when he or she is needed, asks something in return for a favor or puts conditions on your request, then beware and take a step back.

When I feel a friend is not behaving like a friend should, what I tend to do is, instead of moving closer in the friendship, I move away by taking him or her out of my “close” friendship category.

I slot them into my “friend” section. And if he or she continues acting unusual toward me, I then take a further step back and put that person in my “acquaintance” category.

My strategy is to keep friends and acquaintances in the category that most fits their behavior toward me. I continue making my adjustments in this manner until I feel comfortable. You will find this minimizes your chances of being taken advantage of and having to handle regrets that in hindsight could have been avoided.

Why do you think people love animals so much?…..They are loyal with unconditional love.

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