Have You Ever Considered “The Power of Consideration”?


Consideration is a courtesy given from one human being to another, when a fact or circumstance is taken into account while making a judgment or decision. Each side acknowledges the right to live the way they wish. They consider that they have their own opinions, even if they are not the same opinion as others.

Everyone wants consideration from others, but not all of us receive it. It’s important first to define who is a considerate person before returning said consideration. Many people who deserve consideration do not receive it.

This is mainly attributed to the fact that they don’t know how to identify thoughtfulness from others. Either they are ignorant of this fact, or they do not show kindness to others.

If you master this trait you can improve your personality so others naturally will give you consideration.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that to receive consideration, you will have to treat others with an equal amount of consideration. Showing discrimination amongst people by your attitude and not giving them consideration tends to give other people an idea about your low mental level and shallow personality.

Try sticking with your principles at all times and at all costs. Never be rude to a person merely because he’s weaker or poorer than you. In fact, people tend to judge others by the way they treat their inferiors. So never think you are superior to somebody because of your worldly possessions or physical attributes. Always be humble, down-to-Earth, and not selfish.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are also important factors to make a person care. If you do not like your own self, your life or the way you’re living your life, then people will not regard you as being a sensitive person.

Try to seek happiness in the things you have in your life and value their importance. Avoid negative thoughts about your present and future life, and never get involved in self-pity.

Try to give a positive impression of your personality, way of thinking and viewpoints on life. Only then people will come to accept you as a decent and thoughtful person.

The way you converse and the way you make decisions in your life are also contributing factors in expecting and getting consideration from others.

An ability to make positive decisions in your life will make you more confident in yourself, and this confidence will show in everything you do. If you are satisfied with your life and don’t demand assistance from other people to help you get out of certain situations, then people ultimately will start treating you with kindness.

When complaining that people are not aware of your feelings, look at your own behavior, attitude and the way you perceive your life. If something is amiss, correct it before looking for consideration from others. If you have corrected your ways, people naturally will start showing you consideration, where before it was not there.

Consideration is not demanded, it is reciprocated. Match your actions to your words. This will show you to be a genuine and honest individual. Follow through on your promises so people can trust you to stay true to your word.

Act with integrity. Avoid gossiping, being insensitive to other people’s feelings and badmouthing anyone behind their back. Acting with integrity will show others you have a strong, genuine character. This will help gain the kindness of those around you.

Use soft body language to help attract the consideration of others. Certain mannerisms, such as relaxed eye contact, open hand gestures, and “walking with a purpose” will show others you have a heart filled with love.

If you can find these qualities and behavior in people, then more likely than not they can give you the consideration that you are looking for in a close friend or people you want in your inner circle.

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