We are talking to ourselves all the time!

we talk to ourselves

We are talking to ourselves all the time!  The tragedy is that sometimes what we say to ourselves can be quiet harmful to our self confidence. We want to do stuff – if only we could get going and do it! Those paralysing stories we tell ourselves about why something happened, or didn’t happen, or what could happen, are usually not the truth. They are just that – a “story”. These words we say to ourselves have tremendous power because we believe them. We are an authority in our own world and, therefore, our attitudes and actions follow our belief.

Fears of what others will say or think about us also can paralyse us. In reality, others aren’t thinking about us. They are absorbed in their own thoughts and their own goals. After I had the ‘all clear’ from cancer, people told me they wished they had the courage to do what I did! But when I was doing it, they thought I had flipped and told me so! Thank God I didn’t listen to their opinions.

Once we understand that we do talk to ourselves all the time, we learn the wonderful truth that we can choose what we say to ourselves. That is what I did to reprogram my mind to “being well” when I had the cancer. I chose new thoughts and I never confessed “my” cancer. That was owning it! We usually look after things that we ‘own’. I referred to the cancer as “this sickness”. We can find it easier to discard something that is just a temporary thing rather than something that we ‘own’.

‘Affirmations’ is a better way to talk to yourself. I affirmed all the time that “every cell in my body works to the good of every other cell in my body. I am healthy, wealthy and wise.”

My affirmations were always in the present tense, because we live in the ‘now’. In my mind’s eye, I saw the cancer cells scuttling away from the unfriendly environment in my healthy body. By changing my diet and my attitudes I knew I could be totally well, with relationships and health restored. Cancer cells cannot live in a high antioxidant environment.  So I doused my cells with vitamin C.  I saw in my mind the cancer cells being washed out by the vitamin C. I spoke out all the time “this sickness is not to death,” but God would receive the credit when I was totally healed. Over and over and over I repeated those affirmations and – eventually – I believed it! It had gone from my head to my heart. Faith comes by hearing, which is why we say our affirmations out loud, often, and with emotion.

I learned from a book called “Getting Well Again” by Carl and Stephanie Simonton that my subconscious mind wanted the benefits from being sick. I found another way to get those benefits.

Reaching into your subconscious mind and unlocking its power is a simple process, which simply requires a decision and willingness to make the consistent effort. I am not a heroine; I just learned about the principles and applied them.  So can you.



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